The Very Best Of Home Security Alarm Systems To Protect Your Home In 2016

We live in a world where we can be attacked even in the comforts of our own home. Crime knows no economic status. You might think your home is crime-free because you don’t have many possessions and you live in a rather sizable home, but police data from 2011 shows that incidents of trespassing and robbery are not limited to rich communities. The most frequently burglarized homes in the US have an annual income of less than $35,000. But don’t fret, home safety isn’t that hard to achieve. All you need is to seek the help of home security experts to help choose the best protection from burglars.

So how do you choose from the best home security systems out there? You don’t have to shell out loads of cash just to get the very best in home security. You should first consider the affordability of the security system you are planning to get. Your alarm system should also have the latest technology when it comes to security features and gadgets. A good customer support should also be considered, especially if this is your first time setting up an alarm system. To help you with this decision, here is a list of the top home security systems that should meet your security needs in 2016.

1. Frontpoint

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If you’re looking for a straightforward home alarm system with a long history of superior customer service, consider Frontpoint as your main choice. The brand’s main selling point is its low-pressure sales approach and excellent customer service. It features home automation that uses z-wave technology, giving it the flexibility to protect your home without any supervision. It also has a crash-and-smash protection feature, which means the alarm system won’t break even after a thief attempts to smash or destroy it. Frontpoint’s excellent customer service claim is no slouch either. The renowned alarm system offers a 30-day money back guarantee and each unit is ensured from any damage caused by potential intruders. The customer support service provides expert solutions in times of intrusions and extreme situations.

2. Vivint

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Monitoring is the name of the game for Vivint security systems. A consistent top-rated security provider, Vivint offers excellent 24/7 monitoring services that include unique non-emergency alerts, severe weather alerts, and a state-of-the-art key fob that allows you to activate the alarm system or call the authorities directly from the device, even when you’re not inside your house. Vivint alarm system also includes a touchscreen panel, three entry sensors, and a motion detector. If you’re a stylish home owner, Vivint will dazzle you with its modern design that can blend in any household. Together with the company’s expertise in automation, Vivint looks to provide all-around protection from home crimes that plague the nation today.

3. ADT

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Choosing an alarm system for your home can be very taxing. ADT’s Honeywell security system is looking to make that decision a lot easier. ADT, the largest security provider in the United States and Canada, offers the most advanced home security and monitoring basics with a customizable alarm system that matches your security needs. The company’s famous line of Honeywell alarm system offers a roster of advanced security gadgets with a variety of add-ons for easy customization. With more than 6.4 million customers and over 100 years of experience in surveillance products, ADT offers more stability than the rest of the security systems out there. This bold company even offers a $500 insurance policy, promising to pay $500 for your insurance deductible should Honeywell security fail to deliver.  

4. LiveWatch

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Family safety always comes with a cost. You can spend a lot of money on expensive alarm systems, or you can get the services of LiveWatch Security. The company is one of the most affordable security services in the industry that goes toe-to-toe with the top alarm system brands. LiveWatch offers low monthly monitoring fees, a one-year contract, and no cancellation fee. This is perfect for budget-conscious families who want to feel safe inside their homes without spending too much. LiveWatch maintains its low costs by offering DIY installations and by lessening extra hardware. LiveWatch features quick simultaneous notifications that alert everyone in your emergency contact list during certain incidents.

5. Protect America

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How do you choose an alarm system without knowing too much about the latest technology and security trends? You choose Protect America. The patriotic security company offers transparency more than anything else with its dedication to answering customer concerns and affordable pricings. Protect America offers a lifetime warranty for all the equipment in their solid security lineup. Expert technicians will install your security system without any activation and installation fees. Protect America is a perfect fit for mothers who want to learn more about the latest security gadgets.

6. Link Interactive

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With 60 years of experience under its name, Link Interactive promises to deliver an efficient home security system without you breaking the bank. The company offers an all-around security system that can go up against the big names in the business. From a solid selection of equipment to the expert monitoring on par with the big leagues, Link Interactive should be in your list of possible home alarm systems. It has no activation and installation fees and has a 30-day risk-free trial period for the most protective parents in the community. Link Interactive also offers informative installation videos to help DIY dads and moms in setting up their home alarm systems.

7. LifeShield

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When it comes to home emergencies, a fast response time is what you need from your alarm system. LifeShield made a name for itself by innovating its technology to provide homes with the fastest response time in the business. They have partnered with DirecTV so that every security equipment in their alarm system package is connected to a monitoring station with broadband Internet connection. LifeShield capitalizes on the power of the Internet to provide faster solutions to criminal activities that may happen inside your home. The LifeShield alarm system also uses cellular networks and landline connections to provide additional safety. You can also rely on its battery backup feature that can last up to 24 hours when the battery is low.

8. Scout

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Rounding up the list is Scout, a relative newcomer in the safety provider business. Despite being a new in the industry, Scout has been marking its ground as a must-have home security system by offering the lowest monthly pricing for cellular monitoring. It offers a well-designed alarm system with a modern touch, combining quality protection with impeccable style. Scout doesn’t charge you with installation and activation fees, and it doesn’t offer a contract, allowing you to be more flexible with your home alarm system. Where else can you find an alarm system brand that offers discounts for advanced monitoring?

With all the home security systems out there, you can now be equipped with the proper gadgets to defend you and your family from intruders and burglars. Choose wisely when it comes to home alarm systems and don’t be afraid to ask questions to security experts. The safety of your home knows no price, so don’t scrimp too much on security gadgets. Always stay safe!