The Power of Franchising Your Business

The Power of Franchising Your Business

I bet you know that there’s more to franchising a business than having just a strong brand name and business backing you up.

Well,franchising has a lot to offer. Allow me to tell you what in this brief article.

Buying power

Procuring raw materials and other business supplies is a hard task for startups.

This is because they still haven’t established any relationship with suppliers in the industry. Also, since they are still operating on the minimum costs, they can’t buy goods in bulk.

With franchises,however, they buy supplies in bulk and from certain suppliers. Because of this and their big brand name, they can get exclusive discounts, thanks to their buying power and a big name.

This, therefore, means that franchising your business can help you save a lot in operational costs which will, in turn,resultin more profits.

Ready business model

When you buy into a franchise, you are buying into an already established business.

Franchises invest a lot of machinery in designing working models and implementing them successfully into the business.

This means that when you buy into one, you won’t have to worry about accounting, marketing,and such likes things as these are already taken care of.

But why is this important?

Well, in any business, it is pretty tricky to run it while still running the ropes of what works and what doesn’t work.

Franchises are proven business models. They are already in place,and they are a proven success. Buying into them won’t have you worrying about anything as they have a manual for how the business operates and every little detail that you might need to run your unit effectively.

Lower risk of failure

Among the advantages of franchising a business, the low risk of failure is the greatest.

This is because franchises are proven business models. They are already a success,and that is why most people want to buy into them.

Access to capital

The greatest challenge that independent startups aiming at expansion face are access to capital.

This is because banks and other financial institutions find them to be riskier loan candidates.

Now due to the big brand name and surety of success, it is easier for banks to give you a loan if you are operating under a franchise.

Also, customers are generally attracted to brand names; this means that you are sure of generating many sales something that banks leverage on when determining ability to service loans.


Another great advantage of franchising a business is the support franchisors offer.

This support is often regarding staff training, advertising, and strategies of how to move the business forward.

Also, franchisors tend to organize meetings with for all franchisees where you meet to share ideas and strategies on how to scale the business.


Like everything else, franchising business has its pros and cons.  It’s only that the risk associated with it is pretty low compared to independent business models.

So while you may incur very high costs to buy into a franchise, the returns you will get at the end of the day are much higher.

Besides, the power of being able to be a part of an already established business that’s well recognized and respected is just amazing.