The Loyalty Card

A Unibet gaming review: For many of us, our first experiences of the loyalty card system is probably a store card given to you by a supermarket chain. You hand it to the cashier when you have finished your shopping and once in a while you get a few bucks off your bill.

Money for nothing?

Well not exactly. In fact, money for nothing is a statement that couldn’t be further from the truth.
The loyalty card system is now used the world over, and the gambling industry has cradled it into its bosom where it now holds it tightly.
When you sign up to a casino establishment you will now be asked to also join their loyalty program. Just like the supermarket you have to hand your card to the dealer, or into the required slot on the automated machines, every time you play a game.

So what is the casino getting out of this?

Technological advancements now mean that the loyalty card system probably knows more about your habits than you do and this information is invaluable for the future marketing campaigns of the casinos.
The biggest casinos in the world are monoliths that house much more than just casino games. They are entertainment centres with shows, restaurants and spas also providing you with forms of entertainment.
Through the use of the loyalty card system the casinos know what you like to eat, when you like to eat and where you like to eat. They know how much money you are investing in all areas of their network; they understand how much you win, lose and on what games you like to play.
Like we said…they know you better than you know yourself, so it’s no coincidence that you never want to leave the place.