The Future Has Arrived With The Advent Of Mirror Glass TVs

For those of you out there who consider themselves as being trend setters, and want to give a room in your home a talking point, then why not consider buying and installing a mirror glass TV? These TVs really do give a room a modern, yet stylish twist. The TV is produced by Agath, and they have received some rave reviews about these mirror glass TVs and they are starting to become more commonly seen in posh hotels and expensive homes.

The main advantage of these TVs is that they can be used in rooms that are considered unsafe to have an existing TV installed, such as in a bathroom. This is because the mirror glass TVs are completely water-resistant. Home audio video installations experts Custom Controls have praised and recommended this TV to their clients and customers as the best mirror glass TV to install in a bathroom or kitchen.

If you already have a home automation setup, it is possible to install a TV like this into your system without too much trouble. Also, the TVs themselves make use of cutting edge fanless cooling technology, which keeps the TV silent. This makes it perfect to relax with in your bathroom.

The Mirror Glass TV doesn’t need to be confined to the bathroom. There have been cases where the TV has been installed into a living room mirror, which looks especially nice.

When we first used the Mirror Glass TV, we were impressed with the touchscreen remote control. From a usability point of view, we certainly believe that it is better than a traditional remote control. When I showed my family and friends, they couldn’t stop playing around with the touch screen and tying out all the options. Their reactions showed to me how ingenious and innovative this TV truly is, as they have never seen anything like this before and instantly wanted one in their homes!

So, if you are looking for a unique and stylish piece of modern technology, then why not buy a Mirror Glass TV, such as the one offered by Agath. If you would like to install a Mirror Glass TV into a new or existing home automation system, we would recommend that you contact Custom Controls. If you already have a Crestron Home Automation system in your home, the Agath TV is the only mirror TV product that is compatible with this system.

Have you been lucky enough to try out a Mirror Glass TV? Or, have you went ahead and installed a TV like this in your property? Are they worth the money? Let us know, and we will feature you in a future article!