The 3 Reasons To Use Video To Train Your Employees

Business owners know that their employees are the lifeblood of a successful business. High quality staff who are committed to their jobs can seem hard to find, but their value to businesses is profound, providing they have the training and knowledge to carry out their day to day tasks properly.

The 3 Reasons To Use Video To Train Your Employees

The best way to ensure that your staff do their jobs exactly how you want them to is to train each one yourself. In a perfect world you would nurture each employee’s development personally and arm them with the knowledge to represent your company and perform at the level you expect. Realistically however, as a company grows it leaves the person in charge of the business with top-level issues that cannot be ignored, the amount of time spent training new employees decreases. There’s a good reason most of the big name public and private sector organisations maintain quality by using training video production in their staff development strategies; in fact there are three:


When companies grow beyond a certain point it’s impossible for the owner to sit down with each new employee. This lack of connection between the owner, who directs the strategy of the company, and the new employee, whose contact with customers and suppliers influences revenue and reputation, can cause problems if not properly planned for and managed. Employees who aren’t instilled with company values or who are trained incorrectly tend to stray from the standards that made the business successful initially and cause the company’s reputation to falter. Training videos are the easiest way to ensure that each employee receives same the information and guidance as the next and set a clear, lasting company standard.


By setting a training standard it ensures that employees are consistently trained across the board. When this is delivered in person, bad habits or incorrect information can sometimes slip into training sessions and quality can vary from trainer to trainer. Particularly if a company has grown to multiple offices or branches, the use of video ensures that a business can control the exact content, tone and delivery of the information when training every employee, no matter their location.


Videos, especially high quality training videos, can seem an expensive undertaking from the outset, however it’s important to note the return on investment they can deliver over time. A well-made training video should last five years and can be rolled out to every relevant employee for that period. Videos reduce the number of hours that productive employees spend away from their normal duties and ensure that employees are trained correctly the first time.

A workforce with each employee trained in a consistent company style will present a united face to the public, particularly in consumer-facing roles such as hospitality and customer service. Using a training video production service to put together a training video ensures that management can keep this consistency as the company grows. Videos are also an investment, one that pays off in the long term as the video can be re-used and distributed across an entire business for several years.

Niamh Kinsella is an account manager at a training video production company.