Technological Advancement Enhancing The Water Saving In Your Home

Whether it is the water restrictions bugging you or eco-friendly thinking guiding your actions, it is a good idea to cut down the spending on water. Technology is making leaps and bound with each passing day, and sometimes it can be hard to keep up the pace with it. We all know the good old meter readers that have been around for ages, but what about new water-saving fixtures that are hitting the shelves? Some of them strive to make long-term behavioral changes, and help people navigate difficult situations like water shortages.

Smart Moves

Drought concerns and notions about environment trouble many people, while others muse primarily on finances. These are the prime reasons why so many homeowners decide to integrate smart technologies into their living environments. One of the popular improvements involves low-flush toilets, but we have also seen some advanced products like Toto Washlet Toilet. This fixture not only reduces water use, it also decreases the carbon-dioxide emissions and enables waste recycling. It includes a heated seat, water-saving flush system and energy-saving timer.

Technological Advancement Enhancing The Water Saving In Your Home

But, sometimes, even a tiny device can make a big difference. One of them is Water Pebble, which memorizes the baseline amount of used water when placed by the shower drain. It warns users when the water consumption is too high, and each successive shower brings you closer to the “planet-saving” level. Another cool gadget is a Droplet Sprinkler that merges robotics with wireless technology and cloud computing. When hooked up on the garden hose, and supplied with data about the type and amount of surrounding plants, it prevents the water waste. People are finally able to water lawns or gardens with only smartphone in their hands and smiles on their faces.

Test the Waters

Water-saving fixtures and devices usually change the way one of your appliances accesses water. Nebia shower head, for example, passively reduces the water usage while taking a shower. The effects are, of course, felt in your home, not on a global level, but small steps can take you a long way. There are also some new killer products which use metrics to motivate people to take new measures and deploy long-term strategies. Manufacturers hope to make a real difference with these smart technologies and affect the behavioral patterns worldwide.

Oasys, for example, seems at first as some odd glowing ball from a SF movie, but actually it is a device that aims to modify the water use behavior of people through observation and gamification. This wall-mounted disk with a screen at its center hooks into a band of your main water pump and sends information about water consumption. Note that If you need any help, do not refrain from employing professional plumbing services, as plumbers are more skillful in the installation of these features, and you might need it too. But, once set, Oasys enables users to receive data on daily usage trends, and alerts them about problems such as pipe leaks.

Technological Advancement Enhancing The Water Saving In Your Home

Oasys even picks the information about surrounding area’s weather to determine the appropriate water usage level. Accurate and reliable, it could be the ultimate gadget for household water consumption management that will have a serious positive impact on peoples’ budgets. The only issue would be staying committed to the task upon reaching the optimum consumption level. Some people do not like to hear about their wasteful behavior from a machine, or anyone, for a matter of fact.

Save, save, save

With proper tools, water flow is something that can be easily quantified and controlled. Bear in mind, though, that tweaking the habits might be even more important than purchasing the latest gadgets. Think of new pieces of tech magic as tools for self-improvement as well, and maintain a set of best practices regardless of technical novelties. This will enable you to save water, money, and ultimately a bit of our planet as well.