Some More Known Facts About Website Encryption

Encryption is a technique of encoding message in a manner that only authorized users can read it. The message is encrypted using encryption algorithm, cipher text which further allows to read the encrypted message only if it is decrypted.

Security is a major threat so the average website visitor should know the basics of web security. Mostly, everyone knows about little padlock at the bottom which indicates that the page is secured page. The advanced user will try to break the security settings of the browser.

If the website is encrypted then it becomes secured which further improves SEO and its conversations. Last month, one of the firm has decided to encrypt the site. This decision has taken due to the fact that if the user has requested to enter user name and password then there is need to secure purchase related to digital marking consulting.

There is a need of SSL certificate to allow only payments from credit card in order to make purchase transaction with enough data security. So, earlier the payment portion of website is encrypted but now a days the entire website is encrypted. For e.g. there are number of forms available in the website which requires protection and hence proper measure is taken to protect these websites.

What is Encryption (HTTPS)?

HTTPS is a protocol which provides secured communication over network and provides authentication for visiting any secured website. If the site does not have encryption then the information is considered to be very unsecured. Encryption helps to secure the personal information.

If there is no encryption then information is passed as Open. Although, the password shows little dots but anyone can access the network to view the password and this may lead to major damage.

Usually, people hack password to watch flow of traffic across the network. If an attacker view the password then it can easily log into the system, capture important information, add virus to the system. This password can be used to log in other site so it is better to keep distinct password.

Encryption changes a website from HTTP to HTTPS and ensures that your password will never be open. Thus, even if someone hacks into your network then also it is unable to see the password.

Why to Encrypt Website?

HTTPS helps to verify the website, stop tampering the 3rd parties, encrypts the communication history if there is any sensitive information related to credit card.

SEO and Digital Marketing of HTTPS

The various benefits of HTTPS are:

Better Ranking

The encryption has helped Google to improve ranking. Google knows the fact that it will gain major influence to encrypt the websites as there is lot of sensitive information stored so proper security is required.

Some More Known Facts About Website Encryption

Correct Referrer Data

If there is an encrypted site then it will preserve the referral data. This is irrespective of visitor from encrypted or unencrypted website. If the visitor moves from unencrypted site to encrypted site then it will remove the referral data. These visitors are called as direct visitors.

If someone has accurate number of referrals then it can take advantage of referrals to perform digital marketing.

Customer Trust

Whenever any encrypted website is opened then there appears a lock in address bar. This icon shows that the site is trusted one. The recent study shows that the customers do not prefer online transaction from site without trusted seal.

Now a days, the trend is towards customer focus on encrypted website such as Google, Drop box, Yahoo. If the site does not have lock then it is considered to be unsecured and old. As there are lot of cyber crime then it is necessary to make the site as secured.

Time to Encrypt Web Site

Security is a major threat on internet. Now a days, the marketing owner would like to make their website more secured. So, it is better to protect customer data, and focus one indepth insight to marketing concept and finally try to increase conversations. The competition involve is too high that customer prefers to perform transaction from secured website then instead of unsecured so it is always better to take proper security measures to gain trust of consumer.