Purchase a new HTC One M10 with effective battery and large memory space

The HTC One M10 will be the best andexcellent Smartphone and very much powerful for the competitor. HTC One M10 is one ofthe importantrelease for the HTC company and the company is expecting thatthisserieswill bring the best sales and more profit tothe company. Very soon the conceptimages and the other features will be coming soon.People can visit the relevant website for getting the details.  People who are expecting to buy the new and advanced smart phone can expect that HTC One M10 will be the most suitable one for them with all effectivefeatures.  In HTC One M10 the company covers all the new updates. So people can always stay with the HTC Company for seeing and buyingtheir new launches mobile HTC One M10.


Release date for HTC One M10:

The brand name, HTC for smart phone becomes more popular after releasingtheir HTC One M7. As the company started their journey in launching the new series, HTC One M7 and now it is graduallyreaching to HTC One M10.The company has no official words regardingthe release date, but it can be expected by considering the previousrelease dates. Now see the release date of previous version. In the year 2013, March HTC One / One M7 were released. On March 2014 HTC One M8 was released. In the year 2015 HTC One M9 was released. And now it is expected that HTC One M10 will be released on March 2016. It is the declaration delivered by the company officially. So this is the prediction that the new version of HTC, HTC One M10 will be released in March2016 which is very close to the Samsung galaxy note 6 releases. Still nowofficiallythe company didn’t say any words regarding their new release. HTC will put their full effort for showing new in theirnewversion compare to their older version. This HTC One M10 will be efficient and innovative for the people to use. People waiting for this release will surely get worthy Smartphone which fulfills their expectations.

Features of HTC One M10:

There are lots of advancedfeatures that are existing in the smart phone which involves two dual powerful speakers, heart rate sensor and lots of things. So people need not to worry HTC will keep the new features which will be more useful for the users. The HTC One M10 hasRAM with 4GB. It also has the display with resolution of 4K and Super AMOLED. The smart phone has the capacity of holding the internal memory of 64GB to 128 GB. It has the support of Dual Sim. The battery with 3500 mAH.It alsohas the heart rate sensor. The camera hasthe frontcamera with 27MP with rear sensor along with the technology of Auto Focus. The smart phone has the Touch ID Scanner. So people can expect the best smart phone with lots of advanced features.