Pros and Cons Of Using Small Diesel Generator

If you are looking to buy a diesel generator to produce your own electricity and meet your daily power requirements then you must also know its advantages and disadvantages. These type of generators are not only economical electrical generation devices but also allows you to afford best-running cost as compared to propane, gasoline and other natural gas powered generators.

Pros and Cons Of Using Small Diesel Generator

Advantages of diesel generators:

Cheap Fuel Price and Less Operational Cost

Diesel is rated as a much cheaper fuel as compared to any other fuel source that is used to power the generators like gasoline. This makes it far suitable generators to be used in all sectors like industrial and residential. This type of generator is especially suitable for industrial purposes as the lesser fuel cost would mean lesser operational cost, which in turn would have an impact on reducing the price of the final product.

Easy to Obtain the Fuel

This is another vital reason why small diesel generator is a huge hit among the homeowners. Diesel is one of those non-renewable fuel resources that is easily available anywhere in the world. This gives you the power to get fuel for your generator irrespective of where you live. The diesel-powered generators are therefore considered to be the most reliable and economical source for power backup.

High-Performance Level

Most of the diesel generators available in the market are manufactured in a way that they have the capacity to endure rough and tough conditions and perform well in all weather. Some of the modern day high-end models have a certain mechanism that gives the units to perform for long hours with maximum efficiency as well as without any maintenance. Also, the diesel generators are known to have better tolerance capacity to power faults as compared to other generators that are run by gasoline. It is because of this reason that the industries prefer to use this type of generator as there are constant faults from the main power source.


Diesel generators are portable as compared to other types of generators; it can be easily used without having any alternative source of energy to power it. For certain locations where there is electricity, this type of generator come in very handy to produce power for a long period of time.

Cons of Diesel Generators

The diesel generators are infamous for making thundering noise while they are in operations. If you want to use it for home purpose, it is best advised to install the generator away from your home location; the loud noise can be unsustainable. Also, continuous exposure to such loud noise can lead to hearing problems.

As compared to electrical generators, the diesel generators take a lot of time to ignite. Also, these generators cause starting issues in cold weather conditions.

The diesel-powered generators are known to emit a high amount of dangerous harmful gasses during exhaustion. It is because of this reason that using this type of generator is banned in several countries that have strict emission control policies. Also, these type of generators produces high amounts of smoke than any reaction fuel agent.

Installation of diesel powered generator is a time-consuming time process. Also, the installation cost is much higher than other types generators.