Popular Biotech Engineering Books

Popular Biotech Engineering Books

Are you following the modern trends in the age- old subjects like biology? Modern trends mean applying engineering, technology, genetics and medicine in the study of biology. The whole trend is called bio-technology, giving birth to bio- products or commercial products that are of specific use like manufacturing purposes. But what are the windows through which you can bring on some more light to study biotechnology? As usual the books are always the most helpful companions in our knowledge- building process on any field. But among so many books which books are going to help the students and scholars the most?

Popular Biotech Engineering Books

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Here are the most required books in applications of biotechnology:

1. Handbook of Pharmaceutical Biotechnology :

This handbook is for scholars who are working on pharmaceuticals and applications of biotechnology in discovering and producing drugs. The book written by experienced professionals gives an overview of how to apply biotechnology in drug development process. This book will be of help to various genres of scholars like researchers, molecular biologists, cell biologists and also biochemists. The entire biotech industry gets much assistance from this book’s approach towards the extensive applications, regulations and validation methods.

2. Molecular Biotechnology:

This book (running its fourth edition) is continuously updated and revised to follow the day to day developments in biotechnology with almost 500 illustrations of the key concepts. The book deals extensively with how the scientific principles apply “recombinant DNA technology” in industrial, agricultural, pharmaceutical and biomedical fields. The updated book has special chapters on the most current trends like cloning, gene therapy and genetic engineering. This book is specially authored for students featuring end of chapter review questions to assess their gained knowledge.

3. Fundamental Laboratory Approaches:

This is a laboratory textbook for students and scientists in biochemistry and biotechnology. This book trains students how to approach research problems and conduct and evaluate scientific research. There is also a unique chapter on using the web for your research along with a website that supports the book. Have fun and enjoy your modern research work and experiments.

4. Calculations for Molecular Biology and Biotechnology:

This is the most perfect laboratory assistant for biotechnology students and technicians. There all basic scientific notations, explanations of key concepts and theories for each type of calculation and the recent applications of the procedures in the research laboratories. In the new edition there is an updated coverage of mathematics to measure gene expression and more sample problems for readers. The easy to follow format will surely solve your most frequently faced problems in gene discovery and analysis.

5. Advanced Technologies in Biopharmaceutical Processing:

This book describes how advanced biological processes like modification of somatic and embryonic cells are applied to the production of biopharmaceuticals. These advanced technologies produce hormones, modified proteins etc. This book is considered as one of the most user- friendly one ranging from large- scale animal cell bioreactors to patient- customized products.

So just follow the trends and bring a revolution in the life sciences industry. Biotechnology will help you a lot to fulfill your dreams.