Pay Per Click Versus Organic Search Results

The competition to the get to the top of the search results page is ferocious. That is why pay per click advertising exists. It’s a way to jump to the top, if you get it right. But is it always right? Organic search results are lower on the page, but does that mean they are worth less than pay per click? A successful pay per click involves more than simply bidding high on a popular keyword or phrase, which is why many businesses turn to professional marketers for pay per click services. Pay per click isn’t a replacement for quality search engine optimization. An effective marketing strategy will use both.

Pay per click and organic search results aren’t really in competition. They have different roles in a comprehensive marketing plan. Pay per click, when done strategically, can be a powerful way to kick start a specific campaign, but over the long haul, ranking high organically will sustain a business.

When and How to Use Pay Per Click Advertising

The danger with pay per click advertising is in paying for a huge number of clicks for a long time without getting the conversions and the cold, hard cash in your hand. If it is done carelessly, without research, it’s a great way to lose money – which is the opposite of what anyone wants. So here are some tips about making pay per click a productive, profitable part of a marketing strategy.

• Pay per click is a powerful way to advertise limited time offers. Limiting the amount of time that PPC is used helps to control the costs, and a limited time offer has a sense of urgency.

• Launching a new product is another occasion when pay per click’s ability to launch a site to the top of the results page comes in handy. Like a limited time offer, this tactic has a short shelf life. The key thing is to know when to end it.

• Online marketing is all about being specific. Yes, the words ‘great travel offers’ might get a lot of clicks (meaning it costs a lot), but those clicks will have a lower conversion rate than a more specific phrase such as ‘bargain Italian getaway offers for June’. Conversions matter more than clicks.

• Bidding too high on keywords is a mistake, especially if those keywords are not as specific as they could be. Detachment, self-control and flexibility are crucial here.

• If the campaign is one that requires fast updates, it is usually possible to make very quick changes to keep pace with changing circumstances.

Pay per click and organic search engine results are both important parts of a comprehensive online marketing strategy. They have different roles and different strengths. Pay per click can be powerfully effective – both in boosting sales and in draining budgets. Pay per click services need to be used carefully with specific, short-term goals in mind, not as a substitute for quality search engine optimization.