Of Viral Videos and Internet Memes: Marketing On The Web

Several years ago, what Internet marketers did to boost the online presence of their clients was to use to unethical strategies, filling the web with ‘spammy’ and irrelevant contents, which do not provide quality information to readers. The good thing is that search engine sites have become more intelligent and stricter ever since, improving their algorithms to penalize websites that used unethical techniques to beat their competitors. Today, the industry of online marketing is considerably more ethical and proactive as more and more changes in the systems of search engine sites have been incorporated.

Any reliable digital marketer will tell you that the old days of online marketing are way behind us now. Since the industry is still growing and improving, it is expected that improvements and developments are to be done. The shifting trends can always confuse casual business owners, which is why it is advisable to hire a good digital marketing agency that can help them understand the changes in trends and processes. To give you a primer on what’s trending in the world of digital marketing, listed below are some of the more popular strategies being used by Internet marketers to help their clients reach their business goals.

Internet users want to see cute, silly, funny, and weird videos, and marketers know about this. Videos uploaded on popular sites like YouTube, Facebook, LiveLeak and Vimeo can easily attract users, and the natural response of marketers is to make the most out of it. Thus, the concept of viral video marketing has emerged. Videos can be easily shared online, so if your product or service is obviously or discreetly the subject of a viral video, you can easily get the attention of consumers. In addition to viral videos, many companies are now also utilizing memes, paving the way to rise of funny, witty, and catchy images and GIFs. This trend also opened the flood gates for different novelty products; case in point: deal with it glasses.

In the advent of smart phones and tablet computers, apps have never been more popular and efficient. Since majority of smart phone and tablet owners use apps, marketers have realized the business potential of using apps to market their clients. Gone are the days when apps are only for tech-oriented businesses because almost any business can capitalize from developing and marketing their own apps. In the past couple of years, apps developed for large and medium-scale companies have emerged. It is no longer surprising to see apps created for clients of specific insurance companies, banks, medical centers, media companies, law firms, among others. These apps were designed to provide assistance to clients while further promoting their products and/or services.

Popular social media platform Facebook has become one of the hottest places for digital marketing. A good marketer will tell you that Facebook is a good avenue for internet marketing experts to explore the power of social media as far as marketing is concerned. Let’s say you are trying to sell deal with it glasses or any novelty item for that matter, you can use Facebook to market your products or services through its sponsored stories/posts option. You can pay for this paid option via credit card or PayPal, making it user-friendly. The concept behind this feature is to let Facebook users know about your business in hopes of attracting more clients.

Now that you have more options on how you can tap digital marketing as a marketing tool for your business, you don’t have to worry about not reaching your potential clients. If you want to learn more about the trends in the Internet marketing spectrum, there is no harm in consulting with a professional online marketer.