No More, No Shows No More, No Shows

We’ve all been there. It’s 5 o’clock on a Thursday, and you realize you were supposed to be at the dentist at 11. You call the secretary, and the appointment it took you a week to get, and that only just fit in your schedule as it was, will now have to be moved back indefinitely.

On the other end of things, your dentist set up a workroom that’s not going to get used. She kept her other clients waiting while you didn’t show up. She turned down other clients, just as busy as you, who could have fit an appointment in at the same time. She’s losing money, and her business, in general, is not functioning as it should.

Despite their frequency — some businesses have rates as high as 50% — no-shows are frustrating for both parties involved, and costly for businesses, which lose millions of dollars a year in squandered time. Notfly is hoping to change that. No More, No Shows

“Not only does Notifly save businesses money,” said ScreenPush CEO Josh Otten, “but it also improves their operating efficiency, making things easier for employees and more streamlined for the clients themselves.”

The idea is simple. An automated calendar function sends out reminders to clients ahead of an upcoming appointment. A simple, one-button “yes” or “no” feature lets clients respond on-the-go, indicating whether or not they can make their date, and an intuitive, color-coded schedule that tracks the status of reminders in real time lets secretaries and office managers adjust accordingly.

The result, as proven so far, is an up to 65% drop in no-show rates, at a price well below other similar services. As Otten puts it, “the Notifly service is affordable and pays for itself almost immediately. And the results will improve everything about how a business functions.” And how the clients interact with it, too.