Able-HD: Improve Your Work Efficiency By 50%

Able-HD Improve Your Work Efficiency By

If I had an extra monitor right now, I could write about Able-HD twice as quickly, according to a recent Microsoft study showing that a second screen improves work efficiency by 50%. But I don’t, for now, and maybe Able-HD can change that.

With the success of its first Kickstarter campaign — which raised almost $100,000; close to 2,000% of their stated goal — Able-HD is returning to internet fundraising for the release of its updated Able-HD portable HD monitor.

As Founder and CEO Nell Harton explains, “The Able-HD Plus is going to open up a whole new world of possibilities for productivity and enjoyment, both for people who already like working with multi-screen systems and people who have never considered it before.”

Able-HD Improve Your Work Efficiency By 50%

With 15 and 17-inch models, both lighter than your average tablet and less than half as thick as a standard LED monitor, the Able HD-Plus is the second monitor you always wanted but could never carry with you, or the monitor you never knew you wanted and probably will once you try it. It’s being marketed specifically to on-the-go working types and gamers, but the idea will appeal to anyone who moves around with a laptop and wants an enhanced computing experience.

A synthetic polymer casing, rubber edge lining and thermoplastic acrylic screen for the 1080p LED display means the HD-Plus is stronger and more durable than its predecessor, without sacrificing mobility. And a first-of-its-kind detachable adapter board, that doubles as the monitor stand and comes built with audio in/out, HDMI, VGA, and DVI plugs, shows that the brains behind the Able-HD line are continuing to push innovative new design solutions. (The Able-HD Plus, like the Able-HD, will come in DIY form, so that upgrades can be added on as they come out.)

With prices starting at $184 for “early birds” on Kickstarter, the next time I write an Able-HD update, it will only take me half as long to publish it.