Managed Printing Services – A Tool For The Business Age

What Is Managed Printing Services?

Managed Printing Services offers you the complete printing solution for all your printing needs, be it for home or for business without need of purchasing the necessary equipments, effectively reducing the expenses that are incurred in order to run and maintain these equipments. Managed Printing Services is a packaged bundle of all that is needed for printing. It is a mix of software, equipments and services that will provide you professional printing services, one that will fulfill all your printing needs saving you your time and money.

Management, maintenance, billing and optimization of the printing process is an important aspect of Managed Printing Services. These services are powered by software that falls into one of the following categories:

  • Print management software that will authenticate the users and manage the nature and volume of print.
  • Device management software that monitor and manage printing equipments.
  • Discovery and Design software that will help in analyzing and implementing the Managed Printing Services
  • Scan routing software to send scans to various destinations including a network folder, email, fax servers etc.

Cost Of In-House Printing

Every year a business will spend about 15% of its expenses on printing costs. Here printing costs includes the cost of the printing equipments and the cost
of running and maintenance of these equipments. The printing equipments that you will need for your office will consist of printers, fax machines, copiers, scanners etc. Apart from the cash spent on these equipments you will need someone to operate them and then there are the costs of supplies like paper, ink, toner etc. Then the repair and upgrading these equipments and the software that are needed to run them will also cost the company a considerable amount of money. With Managed Printing Services you can cut down on the expenses and time that you will have to otherwise spend if you decide to go for in-house printing, and increase the productivity.

How Managed Printing Can Help?

With the need of keeping a team for the running and maintenance of printing gone, the business can concentrate solely on the purpose that they plan to achieve. The time saved can instead be put in meaningful work that will increase the work rate of the business and its productivity. Also money will be saved that will otherwise have to be spent on the items like paper, ink etc can be used for the business in more productive ways. Outsourcing printing work will help you save a lot of money.

Managed Printing Services will deliver offer you professional printing help while finding ways to reduce the printing devices and supplies in your office. It provides workers that are on the move with an easy access to printing services. They have high skilled workers around the world and printing can be deployed anywhere and some services even train employees so that they can smoothly make a transition with the new services.

About Author
Eva Birleson is an internet entrepreneur, blogger and advocate of paperless business systems.