Make online competitions your hobby

You have no doubt seen competitions in magazines and newspapers where people ask for your name, number and address, and in return you will be entered into a contest where you can win a TV, computer or some other similar prize. These contests can be great, but it can be a hassle to fill out the form, go to the post office and actually mail the form. But, what if you could do the same thing, from your computer, with just a few simple keystrokes? You could easily turn on-line competitions into a major hobby, and who knows, you might win something great for you and your family.
What Are Online Competitions?
These are contests where someone’s name is drawn at random from a list of possible contestants, Win Now. The winner then gets a prize. That prize is set by the business or entity making the competition, but it is usually money, a TV or a computer. Game systems are also common.

What Makes Them Different From Offline Competitions?
For one, they are online. That may not seem like a big deal, but it adds a whole new level to these competitions. For one, you don’t have to fish through magazines to find forms. Also, you don’t have to fish through magazines that should have the form, just to find that someone already took it.

Unlike offline competitions, there is hardly any work involved. You don’t have to go to the post office, and you don’t have to mail anything. All you have to do is type some simple information like your name and email address. Also, unlike writing, you can easily copy and paste this information, which increases your productivity.

Will I Get Spam?
This is another major disadvantage to offline competitions. Comparing the two, would you rather get a mailbox full of spam letters, or about a page of emails? The emails are much easier to go through.

However, if you cautiously read the terms and conditions of each online competition, you can easily avoid being sent an inbox full of spam. Most online competitions despise spam, and prominently show messages stating that they will protect your personal information. Look for this message, and you should be fine.

Bonus Entries
Most online competitions only let you have one entry, but others give you a chance for bonus entries. You normally have to do something simple, like friend them on Facebook or click the “Like” button. This can easily double your chances of winning, so go for it.

Making online competitions your hobby is fun, exhilarating and you will be hooked when you win your first prize. So why not try one out today? Just fill out some simple information, and you may soon get yourself a new TV or laptop.

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