Learn About The Split AC System Problems and Repairs

Learn About The Split AC System Problems and Repairs

A split AC system from a brand like Samsung is one of the best available cooling solutions that’s available in the market. The knowledge of certain common split AC system problems and their solutions is critical for the proper functioning of the cooling system. The first step of the cooling system maintenance is making sure of the cleanliness of air filter and verifying the battery state and ideal settings of the thermostat. Some of the problems of a split AC system and their solutions or repair are discussed below.

Learn About The Split AC System Problems and Repairs

The leakage of refrigerant or AC gas

This is one of the most common problems of a split AC system. The refrigerant level needs to be adequate for proper cooling. A low refrigerant level is the prevalent cause of improper cooling. A very high pressure is necessary for refrigerant storage that results in continuous stress on the joints and curves of the copper pipes.

The stress along with humidity and certain corrosion inducing factors weakens the copper pipes over time thereby resulting in leakage. The flare nut located in the outer air conditioner unit is the most common place where leakage occurs. Its repair is simple, but care should be taken to avoid over or under charging the refrigerant.

Accumulation of ice on the cooling coil

There’s an abnormal drop in the cooling coil temperature when the refrigerant levels are insufficient. This results in the condensation of moisture present in the room on the cooling coil that freezes and appears as ice. The repairing requires an AC repair technician to identify the refrigerant level and topping up if necessary.

Lack of air even when the AC unit appears to be ON

This could be due to malfunctioning of the furnace or air handler motor. This can be confirmed by checking whether the motor is hot to touch or not. If the motor is hot, it needs to be replaced. When the motor is functioning normally the problem can identified by inspecting the control board. It can be identified by the appearance of light on the control board. The lights represent the problem area.

A sudden increase in power bills

This may indicate higher power consumption by the AC unit. The AC unit may burn more power due to any of the following reasons

  • Problems with the electrical connections- the electrical connections could be burned or loose.
  • The motor is malfunctioning- If the motor is getting hot, then it needs to be replaced.
  • Compressor problems- A problem with compressor valves may require changing the compressor.
  • A problem with the reversing valve.
  • The indoor evaporator coil or the filter may be dirty.
  • A dirty condenser coil also results in a higher energy consumption.
  • Under or over refrigerant charge.

In most of the cases, cleaning the fins and making sure there’s nothing obstructing the airflow around the AC is sufficient. The air filter can be cleaned and replaced whenever necessary to keep the power consumption under control.

A split AC from a leading brand like Samsung can have a long life with timely maintenance activities. In many cases, removing the accumulated dirt and the things that obstruct the airflow is sufficient. If the problem is still not resolved an AC repair technician is required to take care of the problem.