Improving ROI on CRM with Marketing Automation System

Even if the company has a CRM system, a marketing automation system will provide distinct advantages, and improve the ROI on CRM. Here are the main advantages:


Implementing a marketing automation system will enable the company to obtain leads that are more qualified for sales. The CRM system leads can be prioritized with this system, quite effectively. The marketing automation system will not assume that all leads are similar, and will show the leads that have much better chances of conversion. This means, the marketing department has a clear idea, about which leads need to be pursued immediately, and the leads that require further nurturing.


Automatic Nurturing

In instances where the sales cycle is long, the sales department will often find it difficult to follow up every lead effectively, until the party shows the required interest. This issue can be resolved with an automated nurturing process, which is possible through marketing automation system. The content will obviously have to be planned and designed beforehand, to suit the prospect and the level in the sales cycle.

More Information on Prospects

Marketing Automation system can create a comprehensive profile of each lead. The system has access to social media history and all the activities of the lead. This detailed information about prospects, is quite valuable to salespeople when they are making a call. Secondly, all information is in real time, which means an appropriate time can be chosen to make the call. For instance, if the salesperson were alerted that the lead is currently visiting the company website, then it would be an excellent time to make the call.


The marketing automation system comprises of several useful tools that will directly improve the quality of CRM data. The system can prevent duplication of information, and the same information is not appended to an existing record. If data of the company is spread over multiple locations, then the system can act as a central platform for accessing all data from various systems and locations. Consolidation and prevention of duplication ensures integrity of the data and the sales person or a campaign planner is sure about the correctness of the information.

Calculation of ROI and Effectiveness of Various Campaigns

Marketing automation system has advanced metrics and analytical capabilities, for handling all the numerical data. Such capabilities can produce accurate reports on the progress and performance of various campaigns. The financial aspects are also covered, since the system can provide an accurate report of the ROI of a particular marketing campaign or an overall picture of the total marketing efforts of the company.

It helps the management to review how the marketing and sales activities are affecting the bottom line of the company. The management can keep a closer watch on the performance levels and make the necessary adjustments when the ROI does not meet the set goals.

Marketing automation system can deliver much more, and it will compliment the CRM system. The system helps to improve information on leads, increases conversion rates, and helps in planning and allocation of resources to marketing and sales departments.