How To Stop Collection and Harassment Phone Calls?

Have you been getting harassing and persistent phone calls from credit card companies or collection agencies?

Making calls and reminding people to pay their debts is an important activity in order to keep the credit company functioning. However, in the recent past, these debt collection phone calls have the cause of distress for a huge number of people. Repeated calls like these can be extremely detrimental not only to the personal life of an individual but might also adversely affect his professional relations. After all, no one wants to do business with someone who is constantly dealing with collection calls. If you have received letters or phone calls from companies like RJM Acquisitions and First Source Advantage, then you are the dreaded “harassment” loop. These are some of the biggest collection agencies in the country and many of them will go to great lengths (even breaking the law) to get your money. Hence, the knowledge of how to stop collection and harassment phone calls is essential for all the people who have taken a debt at any point in their lives.

Write a letter: There are many instances where people forget about the repayment of the debts and have to be reminded of it by way of such collection calls. If you discover that you owe the debt money to the company and it is legal for them to contact you, write a modest “do not call” letter and send it to the agent who has been calling you as well as the credit company. While dispatching this letter, ensure that you do so through certified mail so that in case a legal proceeding has to be undertaken, you have a piece of evidence that supports your claim of having sent the letter. You can request them to correspond with you through email or written main instead of calling you repeatedly. This is an effective solution on how to stop collection and harassment phone calls.

Record the call: A good knowledge of the Federal Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA) is essential for one to determine which activities of the callers are legal and which ones are against the debt collection laws. The frequency of the calls, the time that the callers can call at, the consequences stated by them are all mentioned in the act. If the caller from the credit company is offending any of the given laws, the receiver has a right to initiate legal action against the company. For this, the first thing that should be done is to procure a tape recorder. You could use the recording function on your phone or simple buy a hand help recorder to record the conversation by putting your phone on the speaker mode. in some cases, just informing the caller that you are recording the call brings about a considerable change in the tone and the language.

Debt settlement: No matter how much you try to get rid of these debt collection calls, if the company has to recover money from you, it is only justified that they will try to get in touch with you in some way or the other. Hence, the most efficient and long term way of freeing yourself from this trap of collection calls is debt settlement. The sooner you clear all the dues towards the company, the more peacefully you will be able to live. Besides the company’s point of view, debt settlement is also advisable from the individual’s point of view as the person can save the huge sums of money he is paying by way of interest. a person who has cleared all his debts enjoys a good repute with respect to his family, friends, colleagues, credit companies and his own self.