How To Find Additional Job and Earn More Money

How to find additional job and earn more money

Your income seems to be smaller every day? That is probably true. Global economic crisis leaves a scary consequences locally and suddenly we find ourselves in a society where nothing is worth as much as it did. People in various ways are striving to add a buck more into their budget, if you’re one of them, here are few ideas to help you with that.

How To Find Additional Job and Earn More Money

Start a Blog

Probably not so many people will find blogging to be the first thing on their mind when thinking about making money; but if you are willing to start from scratch and give a lot of effort and patience in a few months you will create an interesting and fresh content that can bring you income. Be careful and choose the provider that offers relatively clean blog design that wouldn’t immediately start to drown visitors with commercials and pop ups. If we learned anything from movie about Facebook, it is certainly that pop-up ads are not cool.

Develop an Application

This is a side gig that does not require a lot of money. You can develop apps (or team up with someone who knows developing, if you have an idea but no knowledge) for Windows, iOS, Android, Windows Phone… Of course, every time when someone buys your application, the money goes into your account. Also, you can create a Web application and charge a monthly fee from everyone that is using it. This is a great solution, because you will not need new customers every month in order to make a profit, but you will be earning money from existing customers, on monthly basis.

How To Find Additional Job and Earn More Money


Prior experience in working with children is a great recommendation to be hired as a babysitter. Babysitting services are wanted and offered all over the Internet and there are even agencies that hire nannies, so the competition is strong. Offering something else in addition to babysitting can raise your service above the competition. For example, if you are skilled in the kitchen, you can offer to cook dinner for the entire family, while children are sleeping, or you can arm yourself with cloth, gloves and efficient cleaner like Steam Australia commercial steam cleaner, offer to clean the house besides babysitting and thus ensure yourself more work, hence more money.

How To Find Additional Job and Earn More Money

Create Jewellery

When we see an interesting and pricey necklace or bracelet, we are not thinking about how much effort and creativity was needed to design and make that piece of jewellery. You can start this side gig with searching the Internet where you can learn a variety of techniques to make jewellery with different materials. This will draw you into a whole new world, full of beads, needles, wire, stones, colours and extra dollars.

If you want a side job, probably the best would be think about what makes you happy and what you really like to do, in order to enjoy while filling the holes in your budget.