How to Create an Office Space that Works for You

When you take a look at what the average office space used to look like just a few decades ago, you’d probably ask yourself how anyone got any work done in such a bland, unimaginative space. The endless rows of cubicles, the fluorescent lighting, the broken copier, and the incessant noise permeating the monotonous setting all worked wonderfully together in creating the most unproductive office trend in history, but all of that has changed. Let’s take a look at the essential productivity boosters your office space should contain to improve morale in the workplace and propel your brand towards new heights of success.

Use colours wisely

If your office space boasts nothing more than an old grey paintjob on the walls, then the time has definitely come for an upgrade. There is no denying that colors can affect the emotional and psychological state of the observer, and this is especially true for people who have to spend six or eight hours surrounded by these colors.
So naturally, you want to make your color scheme as conducive to productivity as possible. You can start by accentuating the setting with your brand colors first in order to create that deep connection between the company and the team, and then work on introducing complementary colors throughout the setting. Before you put up green walls though, keep in mind that you can achieve a greater effect with office greenery.

Think open-plan

In modern office design, cubicles are a big no-no. Now, I’m not saying you should eliminate all privacy in favor of grand open spaces where people can work, communicate, and mingle freely – there should be balance between the two. Firstly, though, you really should embrace the open-plan mindset and create a grand co-working area for your employees.
Next, instead of thinking about introducing cubicles for a dash of privacy and uninterrupted concentration, think about introducing quiet booths in key locations throughout the office. These can be seamlessly weaved into the overarching design to allow your employees to choose how they wish to tackle their next task – surrounded by their colleagues, or isolated in a productivity booth.

Equip workstation for optimised productivity

Productivity is not just about the interior design of the setting, it’s also about the functionality of every workstation and the way each one is equipped to support the employee and their job description in everyday tasks. Put simply, this means that your office should always be well-stocked on supplies if you want to maintain productivity in the workplace.
With that in mind, you can browse through the current offer of Winc office supplies to see what I’m talking about and make a list of all the necessities for a productive work environment. This will allow your employees to focus on the task at hand without having to think about whether or not the copier is out of ink, or if the marker on the whiteboard has dried out.

Let there be light

Much like the cubicle gave way for a more open design scheme, fluorescent lighting is now giving way to natural light and warm LED artificial lights. Aside from the fact that artificial lighting needs to be scaled just right for minimal fatigue accumulation and maximum productivity, you want to emphasize natural lighting in your office. Quite simply, sunlight can have a profound impact on your employees, helping them retain whole-day zeal, and keep their productivity high.

Consider a multi-functional space

Lastly, it’s important to understand that the modern office is a diverse and multi-functional setting – a place where work is only a single part of the productivity puzzle. So, don’t just settle for a few workstations and a coffee machine in the corner, but rather create numerous specialized rooms that will serve a distinct purpose.
For instance, your employees should enjoy a decent rec room, a fully-equipped kitchen, perhaps a Zen room where they can unwind in complete silence, and also a fitness studio where they can work on maintaining their physical health.
Productivity in the workplace should not be expected or demanded, rather it should be inspired and incentivized with the right use of decor and office equipment. Let these five productivity boosters help you create an office setting your employees deserve.