How To Buy Concert Tickets At The Lowest Prices

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Concert tickets don’t always have to cost a fortune. But if you would like to attend several as many concerts as you can to see many great artistes, you need to learn how to save money on your tickets. You should apply the following tips to get the lowest prices on concert tickets.

Do Some Research

To save plenty of money on concert tickets every year, you should do your research at the beginning of the year. List out all your favorite artistes and any other band you want to see during the year. Search Google to determine if they are going on tour and look up the schedule. For instance, to find and buy the Rolling Stones tickets at the least price, you could search for them using a phrase like: “Rolling Stones tour tickets”. Check the precise time and venue for the concert. Then call up the venue to discover if there will be special deals and discounts on these tickets.

Order Very Early

After you have done your research, purchase your tickets as soon as you can. Most concert venues will offer you a fair discount if you buy your tickets many months in advance. Since most concert tickets become more costly as the date draws nearer, you will save at lot of money if you buy in advance.

Buy Presale Tickets

Some concerts offer pre-sale tickets which you can buy at a much lower price before they are open to the public. These special deals may be mentioned in the band or artiste’s newsletter or on Twitter and Facebook. If you watch out for these presale tickets, you can get your tickets at discounted rates and even get better seats for you and your loved ones.

Avoid Scalpers

At most concert venues, you will see scalpers who stand outside and try to sell tickets to unsuspecting people. Avoid these tickets; they hardly ever give you a fair deal. In most cases, the scalped tickets sold at the venue are for very bad locations within the venue where you may not have a good view of the stage or hear clearly. Also, the price is often double the price you could have paid if you booked early.

Search for Last Minute Ticket Sales

If you heard about a concert very late, you don’t have to become discouraged and give up on the chance to get a ticket at a low price. Instead, you should look out for tickets that have been bought early but are on now on sale because the buyer can no longer go to the concert. Such people would prefer to have some money for their ticket instead of allowing it to waste. This type of ticket can be found on ticket selling sites and on some popular auction sites. You can contact the person and offer a lower price than the original price advertised by the seller.


Those are some of the ways to purchase concert tickets at low prices and save money. If you love to attend a lot of concerts every year, it is worthwhile looking for ways to constantly cut down on your ticket costs and still get good seats.