How Solar Street Lights Can Help You Save Money

Solar Street light

It does not matter whether you want to light up your entire neighborhood or whether you would like to simply upgrade the existing solar powered street lights. Solar street lighting provides an economically viable alternative to regular street lights. Here is why solar street lights can help you save money.

How Solar Street Lights Can Help You Save Money

They use Solar Energy

The most obvious reason why solar powered street lights are affordable is because they make use of solar energy and not electricity. Since the energy that comes from the sun is completely free, you need not pay much for these lighting options. Lights that run on electricity rack up a huge electricity bill. With solar powered street lights, the only amount that would be spent would be on its installation, purchase, and regular maintenance rather than on expensive electricity. This would translate into thousands of dollars’ worth of savings, especially if you use it for a really long time. You could purchase street lights from manufacturers such as

They are Easy to Install

Since solar powered street lights do not have to be connected to electricity poles, you need not have to perform painstaking work while installing them. The work will mostly be done in areas that are smaller, helping you save money that you would need to spend on materials and labor. Moreover, since the installation process is hassle free, it will be appreciated by every neighborhood. Solar powered street lights do not require the demolition of streets and their remake unlike when electricity powered street lights are installed.

Last Longer than Traditional Lights

Not only do solar street lights last longer but they are also more environmentally friendly as compared to traditional street lights. You could take the eco-friendly nature of these lights a notch higher by installing LED light bulbs inside the solar powered street lights. Avoid using sodium vapor lamps that are used in traditional light bulbs since they are not only toxic but also not as durable as solar street lights. LEDs also do not contain any toxic chemicals or mercury unlike the bulbs used by the traditional street lamps. Moreover, LED light bulbs last much longer than the halogen or sodium vapor bulbs.

Costs Much Lesser than Traditional Lights

The costs of traditional street lights not only include the installation charges but also the costs of running the lights on electricity, which come to about thousands of dollars. On the other hand, the costs of solar street lights are restricted only to the purchase, installation, and the battery charges, which may look prohibitive at first but do not cost the earth unlike traditional street lights. You will realize only later that it actually helps you save a lot of money unlike regular street lights. Moreover, if you add an LED light bulb to it as compared to a halogen light bulb or a sodium vapor light bulb, it will last much longer. The solar street lights prices are also quite low when compared to those of regular street lamps.