How Not To Get Burned by Hiring A Website Designer

If you are reading this article, it is almost certain that you are ready to start your small business website. In fact, it may also happen that you are reading this article to have an idea of the ways of refreshing your old website.

How Not To Get Burned by Hiring A Website Designer

So, what to do now?

There are two options before you. You can either design and develop your site or outsource it to a web design company in India. It is not to us which one you will prefer. However, we can rest our assumption on your behaviour based on some researched facts. One such researched report has been published in 2016 – WASP Barcode 2016 State of Small Business Report – that clearly pointed out that more than 50 per cent (54% to be precise) of the small businesses don’t design their own websites. They outsource their graphic design and website design requirements to web design companies in India.Ok… Got the Point… But what Next?

To give a structure to this article, we assume that you are going to hire a new web designer – either a freelancer or a web design company in India or abroad. Once you reach this stage and are ready to hire a new designer, you are almost there but still have some queries to be answered. These FAQs can be zeroed down to 3 important questions –

  •         What do you want to do?
  •         What is the cost of getting the web designing and graphic designing done?
  •         Where can you find this designer?

If you get the answer of these34 crucial queries, you will never get burned by hiring a website designer. Here are the answers to these 3 FAQs:

FAQ #1: What do you want to do?

There can be many scenarios and that’s why there can’t be any homogeneous solution. In general there can be two scenarios. In one case, there can be the need for a small business that needs online simplest presence. In such a case, what it is needed is a micro-business site with just 6 pages. These pages will be Homepage, Contact Us, About Us, Event Page (or a landing page), Our Services, and Testimonials. If a business’s budget for website design is small, this 6-page website design is the best bet.

In another scenario, you may want a new look for your old and existing site. In that case, you may add product pages, blog page, and many more.

No matter what the scenario is, you can can always get feedback from your customers, online or offline, so that it becomes easier for you to create a more user friendly site. It is always desirable that you jot down the points you want to include or change in a new or old/existing site.

FAQ #2 What is the cost of getting the web designing and graphic designing done?

Cost can vary from company to company and due to the quality factor. The hourly rate can be anything from $15 to $100. If average cost is considered here, it can vary from $40 to $75. Now, you can check how many hours it will take to design the site.

FAQ #3 Where can you find this designer?

Search the industry first and inquire which web Design Company in India designed it. There are many bidding platforms where you can find quality designers such as Odesk, Elance, and many more. You can also ask some of the basic aspects such as availability of doing work, their pricing/quote with respect to budget, their project references, and many more.

You will not get burned while search a web design company in India if you keep these steps in mind.