Health and Safety Training – Keeping Staff Up To Date

Health and Safety Training – Keeping Staff Up To Date

Construction is an industry full of hazards and potential dangers, so being aware of health and safety on a construction site is important for everyone, from managers and workers to suppliers or pedestrians who may be on site. What are the benefits of maintaining regular training on health and safety in construction?

Health and Safety Training – Keeping Staff Up To Date

Minimise Hazards

The biggest reason for training your construction site staff on the latest health and safety regulations and laws is to minimise hazards and risks that are always present. Injuries in the workplace are a constant risk. The best thing you can do as someone in charge of a construction site is to provide all your staff, whatever their role, with the right information so that they are aware of all hazards, how to minimise them, and how best to act in any given situation. Add to that specific manufacturer guidelines for using equipment and vehicles and you could lower the chance of workplace accidents taking place.

Improve Productivity

The safer a worksite is, the more effective the workforce can be. This means higher levels of productivity and ultimately a more successful project. Keeping up to date on health and safety in construction allows your workforce to improve across the board, allowing them to develop techniques within a safe framework and work towards targets equipped with the knowledge of how to do so safely. Slack techniques and work attitudes lead easily to injuries, and the more this happens, the less productive your construction site will be.

Keep up to Date with Legislation

The legal responsibilities of a construction site manager, the individual’s responsibilities when operating machinery, vehicles and equipment and others , can change through the years. Keeping your staff up to date is vitally important to ensure that they not only understand the risks, but also that every task is being performed under the adherence of the latest legal regulations and laws. That way, the company hiring, and the employees all understand their responsibilities and rights in terms of potential accidents in the workplace.

Promote a Culture of Learning and Improvement

In any industry, by promoting a culture of constant learning you are telling your employees that you want them to grow with you as a company. The evolution of a staff member through learning is a wonderful thing to see. If you multiply this over all staff, you will start to see a great improvement in their understanding of different aspects of your business. Health and Safety is a priority and a culture of ongoing learning will help your whole company grow and improve its reputation as a great place to work.