Gurgaon The City Of Opportunity

group housing project in Gurgaon

Gurgaon is a city situated in the state of Haryana in India and in immediate south to the national capital territory of Delhi. Since 1970 when Maruti Suzuki India Limited established its manufacturing unit in Gurgaon it has witnessing rapid urbanization, Gurgaon has become a leading financial and industrial hub with the third highest per capita income in India.

Due to the availability of all kind of modern amenities and huge job opportunities the demand of the group housing project in Gurgaon has also increased.

Gurgaon has architecturally brilliant building in wide range of styles and from distinct time period. Gurgaon’s skylines with its many skyscrapers is both nationally and internationally recognized and the city has been the abode of several tall buildings with modern planning’s.

What is a Group Housing Project?

A housing project is a residential project built on a land of 10 to 25 acres. It is mandatory to for the builders to follow the size limit as per various state governments including Haryana Urban Development Authority for such group housing projects in Gurgaon and other cities.

What is The Need of Limit in Place?

To meet the housing demand of number of people in an area group housing projects are introduced. As per the population density norm in the region specified by urban planners, a group housing project is built. To calculate the population density of a region, urban planners conduct a feasibility studies after that the approving authority sanctions a building plan. Population density means an area based on its amenities and infrastructure, can hold a definite number of residents.

Thus the building layout plan is approved based o the assumption that the building will have a certain number of residents and the infrastructure can take the burden of the people staying in the building.

In case of housing projects like group housing project in Gurgaon, the population density is higher and the idea is to meet the housing need of a larger segment. Therefore the minimum limit is as small as 10 acres.

How it Will Help You?

In housing projects like group housing project in Gurgaon, consider it to be a small sized project, where will have parking space, some amount of green cover and apartments in various sizes.

The group housing projects are often a part of large integrated township projects. Such projects are a part of the phase development of the entire township. Various city authorities and state governments too announce group hosing schemes which are no different from an independent private developer.

However, small apartments doesn’t means cheap price. Pricing of an apartment depends on various other factors such as location amenities, surrounding infrastructure and the brand recognition of the developer of the projects in the market.