Google Wallet Expected to Replace Discount Cards

There has been a lot of buzz about Google Wallet and how it is expected to replace the use of conventional credit cards. Using RFID technology, consumers will be able to tap their phones onto the PayPass enabled terminals to make purchases at their favorite local stores and restaurants. Another feature however is the ability to use their discount cards and rewards. Here is a deeper look into how Google Wallet will make it easier for shoppers to save money.

Local Deals and Coupons:

Google Wallet is still in the first phase of what it will be capable of. With the tap and go payment method which will charge your credit card, you will also be receiving local coupons and special deals available in your area. These deals will come in two forms. One will be an alert on new discounts available and where it is available. The other will be instant savings that will be automatically applied to your bill or purchase when you pay with your Google Wallet.

There is a bit of skepticism with Google having knowledge of where you are and where you are shopping, however, those who want to save money instantly are welcoming the new feature. By utilizing the built in GPS in your mobile phone, Google will be able to tell what store in what area you are at. Once your location is known, any deals or coupons for that retailer will be automatically taken off your purchase.

Saved Rewards Cards:

The main reason Google Wallet will be a preferred method of payment is the convenience of not carrying credit cards. The premise of the app is to eliminate the need to carry anything but your phone in order to make purchases. The same will be true for rewards and discount cards.

If your favorite store offers a rewards card, Google Wallet can store the cards information and apply your rewards automatically. If you have a discount card for your local grocery store, you can leave it at home. Your discount card’s information will also be stored in your Google Wallet and the discounts will automatically be removed from your total during checkout.

Featured Offers:

As with any new shopping method, there are featured offers that are only available to those using Google Wallet at participating SingleTap merchants. These offers are currently only available in New York, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Chicago, and Washington DC. They are also limited to certain merchants such as American Eagle Outfitters, The Container Store, Jamba Juice, and Macy’s, however as Google Wallet grows in popularity, so will their offer locations and participating merchants.

The future of shopping and saving is changing and Google has its eye on the number one method. With mobile phones capable of so much more than they ever have, making payments through our favorite device will become a standard. Only time will truly tell how well Google Wallet will take hold, but with the current techie generations, it is expected to be a welcomed convenience.

UK resident Mary Blanchard, a mother of three, understands the importance of cutting corners wherever she can. She loves online deals and finds a good gateway to discounts.