Getting Your Employees to Use an Online Management Tool

In this age of technology, it is vital that your company stays up-to-date on latest technological tools to see how they can improve your company’s operations. One such technology – online management tools allow teams of employees to quickly collaborate together on projects to maximize their success. This online tool provides real-time information to all the members of the team. It allows everyone to stay on target throughout the project.

These services over time can help build employee morale, control costs and help the staff meet important deadlines. This in turns adds up to improved productivity and a boost in overall revenue for the company. While this sounds like a great management tool, some business managers have difficulty getting their staff to use these time saving online tools. The fact is that most employees do not like change and do not believe that the new system will work better for them. Your job as management is to motivate the employees and make this transition to online service run smoothly. Here are some tips to help employees get on board with using an online management tool.

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Explain the Benefits

Even before you implement the new online management tool, you need to explain to the staff what change is taking place and why. Focus on how these services will specifically help them in the workplace. Discuss how it will provide better communication between team members, and real-time reporting. Also, focus on the simplicity of using the system and the numerous reports they will have access to on a continual basis.  In addition, explain the cost savings to the company, and how implementation of this new management tool will boost overall job performance and productivity.

Provide On-Going Training

Adequate training is an absolute must. Employees will not be interested in using a new system if they do not know how to use it properly. You need to also plan for on-going training, as it may take some members of your staff longer to learn how to use the new computer system. Training must also be provided to new employees on a continuous basis, so they are aware how to use the new system as soon as they are hired.

Clear Communication

Clear communication must also be established between management and the staff. It is pertinent to set goals for both the company as a whole, and individual employees. This will help them see the bigger picture and allow them to know exactly what your expectations are of them. While you want to be understanding of their hesitancy to change their work patterns, you must also clearly communicate that the changes are not optional. Explain that the company is prepared to give all employees time to get used to the new online management tool. However, remind them that this is part of the company’s new project management solutions, and every staff member must be fully engaged in the system to reap its overall benefits.

Listen to Complaints

Be prepared to hear some initial complaints from your employees. It would be unrealistic to make a drastic change in management style and not have some people upset. The truth is that many times the employee just wants to be heard, and know their employer cares. So, set aside a person on the management team that can listen to employee’s complaints and determine if they have any merit to them. If several employees have the same complaint, evaluate the problem and determine if there is a better way to use the system to get the results that staff wants.

Written by Manfredi Bargioni of Hydra Management, a UK based resource management software company company that optimizes resource utilization.