Coolest Offices

Coolest Offices

The office is where most people spend 40 plus hours a week and is essentially like a second home. If you are going to be at your office whether you want to or not, then might as well make it hospitable for you and your employees. In fact, some managers and CEOs have gone to great lengths to turn the office interior into an environment that will leave every staff member in awe and bedazzlement every time they enter the room. Some of the top offices in the world are the handy work and ingenuity of the most distinguished architects from around the globe.

Selgas Cano – Madrid

Wouldn’t it be nice if your office was located outdoors in the middle of a serene forest? Selgas Cano, an architect firm, has achieved the next best thing with its headquarters located smack in the middle of a wooded area in Madrid, Spain. The office is partially located underground with the main workstations at ground level with full window view. Every staff member is treated to the view of the forest’s tranquility and natural scenery while they work at their cubicle. It’s like working and therapy all in one.

Coolest Offices

Google Office – Zurich

It’s not a surprise that Google’s office made this list. After all, the company has tons of money and would have no trouble setting aside a hefty budget for an office that employees would be glad to call their workplace. The office is like a workplace, cafeteria and playground all in one. It has its own kitchen where employees are fed three times a day at the company’s dime. During break hours, employees can even have fun like a child at recess and enjoy the built-in giant slide and fireman’s pole.

Red Bull Office – Soho, London

Red Bull employees may definitely feel like they have wings every time they clock in for work. That is because the office is more akin to a laid back lounge than a formal corporate office. It even has a full stationary bar where staff members turn to during off-work hours for some bubbly drinks and social hour.

AOL Headquarters – Paolo Alto, California

It is common knowledge in the tech community that AOL has struggled and is far from the mega giant it once was. However, the company has strived hard for a comeback and made some major changes, which included the purchase of Huffington Post and Techcrunch. Part of the overhaul also included a major renovation to its office. Akin to Google’s office, AOL Headquarters is an environment that promotes relaxation with its numerous resting areas, suspended HD television monitors, game rooms, pool tables and foosballs.

Facebook Office – Paolo Alto, California

If tech giants like Google and AOL made it on the list, then it is no surprise that Facebook is on here too. For its office, the company actually used its own social network to conduct an employee poll of what staff members wanted for the office. The result was a mega office with huge open work spaces and even a skateboarding ramp. There is also a DJ booth where employees can mix and splice their own music to keep their ears entertained as they go about with the day’s work.

It’s unlikely that you have the finances to renovate an office that would be worthy of being on this list. However, this doesn’t mean that you cannot still create a relaxing and visually appealing office environment. Simple additions like a coffee vending machine will make your staff feel more at home. KSV Vending is one such site where you can rent or purchase a vending machine for the office lounge or break room.