Change Of Chairs Equals Change Of Mindset In The Workplace

Change Of Chairs Equals Change Of Mindset In The Workplace

For years researchers and analysts have proclaimed the importance and impact of floor plans and layouts on office productivity. Interior designers, particularly those who specialise in commercial and business environments, have read studies and reviewed statistics that recommend an open floor plan over walled offices for teamwork and recommend cubicles over shared table space for privacy and individual work. It is known that the office layout directly influences how the business performs, but what about the other aspects of the office space?

Change Of Chairs Equals Change Of Mindset In The Workplace

Office Furniture And Effect On Employees

Just as the office layout affects how an employee or executive is able to work, so does the furniture and equipment provided in the workplace. Just as a floor plan encourages certain types of employee behaviours, so can the choice of office furniture and design. Without realising it, employees and even executives are subtly influenced by the chairs, tables, desks, and artwork around them.

For most businesses, the office space should encourage employees to be productive and diligent in their jobs without causing emotions of exclusion or loneliness. Businesses often use motivational posters or phrases as decorative items to improve company morale. In other offices, corporate logos and taglines are included on stationery, computer screens, wall art, and even mouse pads to encourage employees to identify with the brand and image of the company.

Office furniture does not have the same overt influence on employees, but the style or design does send a message to workers. When office chairs are sleek and stylish, it indicates a sophisticated environment that likewise requires sophisticated employees. Meanwhile, rustic woods and sturdy desks are a sign of durability and strength, which is emulated by employees. Simply by providing the necessary furniture for employees to do their jobs, businesses are able to subtly influence employees’ mindset and approach to their jobs.

Removing The Distraction Of Discomfort

While the style and design of office furniture can have an impact on employee mindset, there is nothing worse than office furniture that overtly detracts from employee productivity. Therefore, office seating should not be uncomfortable. At One Stop executive seating, office chairs are designed to be functional and tasteful. The wide range of options allows businesses to choose furniture that is comfortable and also fits the style and design of their offices.

Nearly every office employee and executive has had the experience of arriving on the first day of a job or after a holiday to find that his or her office chair was incredibly uncomfortable. Perhaps employees have been reporting day after day to a chair that produces back pain or discomfort. This does not have to be the case for your company.

What To Do

The bottom line is that it is necessary to give your office furniture some thought. When just a little consideration is given to office furniture and its design there are positive results in the workplace, while thoughtless and uncomfortable seating can truly detract from the productivity and satisfaction of employees and executives. Such a simple change as office seating can impact the overall state of your business.