Career Options For The World Of Business

The business world is probably one of the widest career fields in existence. It encompasses a vast amount of different job roles, and encourages and helps to develop a diverse set of highly transferable skills. It’s fair to say that working in business can bring someone into contact with, and teach them about, more aspects of modern life than any other field.

Acquiring Qualifications:

It is possible for someone to start on the shop floor and work their way up, and there’s certainly no substitute for hands-on experience, but to advance their career, they are going to need the kind of specialist knowledge and skills that can only come from education. Business studies is one of the most globally popular degree subjects, especially if you factor in what are sometimes known as “FAME”: finance, accounting, management, and economics. The reason for this is that business graduates are always in demand, and a business career is diverse, challenging, and rewarding. Career Options For The World Of Business

Business degrees come in all shapes and sizes, and often include a wide range of courses with varying amounts of specialization. A good all-rounder is the international business degree, but subjects as different as sociology, modern languages and computer science can all count towards your business studies. It is possible to specialize within a degree, perhaps in accounting or human resources, and a mixture of academic subjects with practical professional development should be learned. Related studies such as law and mathematics are also highly valued.

Starting Work:

A good way into the world of business is via the management training or career development programs at a large corporation. These are often structured to allow trainees to learn about different areas of business via rotating job assignments before they decide on their ultimate career path.

Smaller firms may offer apprenticeships or internships, which can be equally valuable. One way to start is by volunteering for a charity or a non-profit organization, and indeed this can be a rewarding long-term career path.

Choosing a Career:

Many business graduates begin their career selection when they choose their degree specialization. Sometimes, work experience can cause them to move sideways away from their chosen field, but happily, many business skills are highly transferable. Some career options to consider include investment or commercial banking, accountancy, corporate finance, marketing and advertising, insurance underwriting, teaching, public relations, management, and consulting.

For instance, a human resources (HR) specialist may work for a company or be a freelance consultant, working with an employer to establish a company’s needs and what it’s looking for in a job candidate; and a financial analyst can work for a corporation, investment firm, or government agency, studying economic and business trends, analyzing costs, and preparing financial models.

The final reason for choosing a business career is that with hard work and smart work, it can often pay well. Though it may be necessary take a relatively low salary initially – or even work for free – skills, experience, and connections should soon be gained that will facilitate a climb towards better opportunities. A sizeable salary and a rewarding career may be just around the corner.