Buying Workplace Hand Dryers – The Benefits Of Buying Direct

When the time comes to invest in any number of electric hand dryers for the office, there are technically two ways of going about the process. On one hand, there’s the standard option of choosing any shop or online retailer at random, while on the other there’s the direct-purchase route. These days, the web has made it easier than ever before to buy pretty much anything and everything directly from the brand or manufacturer behind it. According to the experts at, this includes many of the market’s leading hand dryer manufacturers too.

Now, on the surface it hardly seems like there’s any real difference between the two. After all, just as long as the end result is the same, why does it matter where or how the things are purchased? Well, the answer is in fact that while the end result may indeed be the same, there are certain unique benefits that come with choosing the direct-purchase route that simply do not apply to store-bought dryer purchases or those from middlemen.

Buying Workplace Hand Dryers – The Benefits Of Buying Direct

Here’s a quick overview of some of the main arguments for buying direct:

1 – The Lowest Prices

First of all, the most immediate and obvious benefit of buying direct is the way in which it generally guarantees the lowest possible prices. For each middleman that steps into the mix, prices have to be increased at least very slightly in order to pay for their services. They aren’t inclined to work for free after all, which is why the more people there are in the supply chain, the higher the price of the final product becomes.

By contrast, when you buy straight from those who actually make the products themselves, you pay only the price of the products there and then. Even in the case of product wholesale retailers, there’s still a mark-up to speak of as they have to pay their own wages. This can be especially beneficial to bear in mind for those looking to buy dozens or even hundreds of hand dryers – the savings made by going directly to the source could amount to thousands.

2 – Faster Shipment

It’s probably safe to say that when an order for hand dryers is placed for any working environment, they should in an ideal world be delivered as quickly as possible. It might not be the end of the world if they’re slightly late, but at the same time there’s really no need to deal with unnecessary delays if there’s an alternative option. When you deal with a middleman, you make the supply chain as a whole longer and more complicated than it needs to be. By contrast, buy direct and there’s only the buyer and the supplier involved, which can in turn speed up order fulfilment times.

It’s also worth bearing in mind that when buying direct, chances are they will already have a stockpile of the necessary product needed ready to go at any one time. From third-parties, it may be a case of them having to order in the goods themselves, in order to then pass them on to the buyer – all of which is unnecessary complication.

3 – Better Service

Whether in the earliest stages of the buying process or much further down the line, chances are there will be questions to ask or concerns to address on the part of the buyer. As such, it always pays to be able to get in touch with the brand itself directly in order to tap into the knowledge of the experts, which of course comes as standard when you buy direct. By contrast, buying through a third-party often means having to relay questions and queries via that third party, which again makes things more complicated and long-winded than they need to be.

4 – Peace of Mind

Last but not least, when it comes to things like long-term aftercare and ongoing service, it just makes so much more sense to go for the direct purchase option in order to keep the brand/manufacturer on your side. The very nature of hand dryers is such that they will eventually need tweaking, repairing or perhaps replacing entirely, at which time you’ll be happy you have the expertise and assistance of a leading brand on your side.

Of course, it’s not as if hand dryers will ever be the most pivotally important assets in any working environment, but they do nonetheless play an extremely important role in maintaining health and hygiene. And what’s more, he fact that they don’t come free of charge or even cheap illustrates the point that it’s worth being proactive in the buying process.