Best Online Resources To Learn Videography and Photography During Lockdown 2020

It might become a difficult task for people to learn a skill like photography on their own. The reason can be the absence of motivation and inspiration and that photography is expensive. If you are not part of a certain photography club, then you have to generate a unique idea of your own.

If you have a camera for yourself, even if it is a pre-loved one, it can cost you a pretty good amount of money. Also, you have to understand that if you want to take up photography classes, then it is going to be pricey and joining a photography club can become more expensive.

The good news is, for people who want to learn photography there are many free resources that offer some useful and easy to learn course material about photography and ways that can help you become a professional photographer. All you need is a high-speed internet connection like the one offered by Spectrum or a service that has coverage in their area, a few hours to spare and the will to become masters of the trade. Let’s look at a few resources on the internet that you can use.

Introduction to Photography and Related Media

There is a series of courses that focus on photography by The Massachusetts Institute of Technology Open Courseware known as MIT OCW as well. This course is also taught to undergraduates and graduates as well. A go-to resource called Introduction to Photography and Related Media was part of the fall semester in the year 2007 for the fundamentals of analog and DSLR, development, film exposure, digital imaging, white darkroom techniques, and studio lighting.

Marc Levoy’s Free Lectures on Digital Photography

Marc Levoy is a former lecturer at Stanford who became a Google researcher and his lectures on Digital Photography are set up like lectures that are delivered in college classes. Anybody willing to learn photography and there is no need to have prior background or knowledge about photography to take the course. This course becomes an outstanding resource for people who love to take photographs and want to improve their photography skills. There are assignments to post on Google Photos and then the community. All in all, the 11-week course has no formal evaluations

Phlearn Photography Section

Phlearn is a website that has hundreds of tutorials that are available for free. So make sure that you know what you want to search for. The Photography section on the Phlearn website provides users with almost 400 listed material for users. This includes interviews with different photographers, inspirations and contests and so much more. I would advise that you should start off going through Photography Basics. This will help you find out what you need to learn and you have to be specific about it.

Lifehacker Night School: The Basics of Photography

This platform has a very comprehensive guide for beginners. The course has 5 parts and might take you from the very basic stuff. This means that you have exposure to many aspects of photography and a one-window study platform. This includes understanding ways a digital camera works, the assisted and automatic settings of the camera, different techniques and compositions, different editing techniques of modifying images and many other aspects of photography. The resources are free and are accessible to users who have internet connectivity. Also, there is a little something for users who have other time commitments as well. They can get in touch with many other sources to stay motivated and stay on track.


A Beginner’s Guide to Digital Photography

This is a very well- written and essential guide that can help you learn digital photography. To get access to this information you can use Makeuseof. Here you can find around 10 subtopics with a wide range of links that lead to even more resources. The guide itself has around 60 pages where there is some useful information for photographers of different levels. Users can test their skills by completing different exercises. You can get information on the camera that you can use, the accessories that you might need, hands-on on software editing (basics) and a glossary to study.

Udemy Photography: Ditch Auto—Start Shooting in Manual

The all-time favorite Udemy offers one of the best free courses on Digital Photography by Jared Hill. Jared offers students with a how-to guide to use your camera with manual mode, ways to maximize the potential of your camera and the way you can feel more confident while shooting with your DSLR. There is also a certificate of completion awarded to the students with guaranteed lifetime access. The course material has around 40 lectures, one article and 4.5 hours of visual content. It will help you build your confidence if you think you are a beginner.

Canon DSLR Videography – Better your Video Production Skills

The course is going to get you familiar with the most important settings that you might need to learn for DSLR video and shoot some amazing footage.  Also, after completing the course, you will learn how to get amazing sound in your DSLR and know the science behind framing and composition as well. The course is ideal for people who get bad color and don’t know how to fix it and for people who use video production at work but often find all the buttons and dials confusing. I would recommend that you can take some inspiration from the amazing videographers at National Geographic and other experts in the field by using amazing channels offered in the channel lineup by Spectrum. Make sure that you refer to the Charter Spectrum channel guide to make things easier for yourself.


If you want to learn photography or videography on your own, all you need is a camera, a little time and some motivation. Lectures, tutorials and other study materials are always available on the internet for people around the world at all times.