Benefits Of Audio Visuals In Business Communication

Business communication has depended on audio visual aids for quite some time.  Audio visual tools are a must for training programs too. The importance of audio visual presentations can be understood from the fact that each individual has different levels of understanding information. Due to this, the same information communicated in the same way to a group of people will be understood and interpreted differently by each individual. The same thing happens with information retention, as the level of information retention varies from people to people.  To overcome these problems, multimedia presentations are used. A set of multiple audio and visual tools make up the multimedia package that can bring a lot of uniformity among people in understanding and retaining information. This is one of many other benefits of audio visual presentation that have been listed below.

Time Saving

Business communication that is quite lengthy would take considerable time to be communicated in writing or by verbal means.  By using audio visual tools the time taken to communicate is drastically reduced. This means saving of business hours as meetings get shortened.  Using pictures and illustrations, charts and drawings, the communication becomes fast and easy and the audience also finds it easy to understand. Time being a valuable element of business, crunching it could translate into monetary gains.

Longer Retention

The effectiveness of communication is measured by its impact that can take some time to happen. But the problem arises with the human ability of information retention. Verbal communication is most difficult to be retained and most people lose majority of information within three days of hearing it. But when audio visual means are used to communicate the same information, it has been found to be retained for a period of 18 days. This means that the possibility of audio visual communication creating an impact on the listener is six times more than verbal communication.

Interactive Sessions

Audio visual sessions are usually made interactive where participants have the opportunity of speaking out their minds. This helps the presenter to gauge the level of understanding of the audience and put additional emphasis on topics that seem not to have been understood properly. This increases the effectiveness of communication as it ensures better understanding. While this kind of sessions involved live trainers, with advancement of technology, video aids can now make it possible even if the communication is being aired on video. This is similar to video conferencing.

Improved Engagement

While sultry verbal communication sessions can be boring enough to make participants lose their interest, audio visual communication is interesting for participants thereby improving audience engagement. The involvement of audience being more, there is more likelihood of improved audience contribution that can enrich the subject. The benefit of engagement is reflected in long lasting effects of such communication as participants are more likely to make use of the information in real life. This is particularly evident in training sessions.

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