Are Refurbished Computers A Good Buy?

You might be familiar with the experience of purchasing something and then realizing that you don’t need it or that it wasn’t really what you wanted. Maybe you’ve taken it home and noticed that there were scratches or some part of it has been dented. When this happens, you might do what many others in the same situation would do; take it back. What happens to all of those items that get returned? Some products might be marked down and then moved to a sale shelf. When it comes to a refurbished Dell desktop, you may discover that you can get a great computer at a fraction of you what you would have paid if you’d bought it new.

Refurbished Returns

You might initially be wary of refurbished computers, but it’s important to recognize that a return doesn’t necessary mean trouble. Many Dell desktops are returned for the same reasons that other merchandise is returned. For example, shoppers may have discovered that the computer they purchased doesn’t exactly meet their needs. During shipping a computer may have been dinged or scraped without experiencing any real damage. While the term “refurbished” might refer to a range of services, you’ll generally be able to enjoy these computers as much as you would if you’d purchased them new.

Testing and Repairs

Before a used and returned computer is put back on the market, it must go through a series of tests and reconditioning to ensure that the hardware and operating system is nearly as good as new. The hard drive is wiped clean. A new operating system will be installed. Desktops might get a new mouse and a new keyboard. After all of these repairs and replacements, the computer will be put through another round of testing. Even though it can no longer be sold as new, the refurbished Dell desktop is essentially new. Some returns never even left their box. These will also be sold at a discounted price.

Seller Confidence

In other circumstances, buying merchandise from a previous owner can be a bit scary. After all, you don’t really know enough about the person to know whether he or she can be trusted. When you purchase Dell desktops from the manufacturer, you can be confident that you’re getting a computer with thorough reconditioning. If you purchase the computer through a third-party vendor, carefully review the return policy, so that you can feel just as confident in your purchase.

Financial Savings

A refurbished Dell desktop is much like other refurbished electronics. They were, at one point, returned to either the retailer or manufacturer. After being tested and repaired, they are then put up for sale at a discounted price. If you’re interested in getting some great technology, you might consider the purchase of refurbished electronics. Happily, only a small percentage of these are found to be defective (%5 according to a survey completed by a consulting firm). The savings to the consumer can be substantial, sometimes reaching as much as 50 percent of the original sales price.