A Land Of Cow Protection and Old Age Home

Keshav Srushti is said to be a hub of social activities. In order to visualise a very strong and self-sufficient India, this place was made. Here people run a number of projects which include a lot of different aspects and also it leads to development. This place is located in the state of Maharashtra and one has to travel a distance of almost 35 kilometres from Mumbai airport to reach there.

This place covers a land of 200 acres and it is a huge place full of lush green valley’s where there are lots of agricultural lands along with herbal plants, trees full of fruits and forest wealth. Here one can find a lot of serenity and it is a place if peace where one can relax while they visit this place. Here, one can also find a Gaushala which means a shelter for the cows and Vridh ashram,which is an old-age home. Both of them are run by the charitable trust and all of their functions and works are guided by the Viswa Hindu Parishad.

Here the cow shelter or the gaushala is spreader over a land of 4 acres. This place is developed and has a proper fencing. Here in can see a lot of cow shelters and also some dry grass god owns. It is from these dry grass supply; the cows are fed. Then there is a fodder and an office building from where all the official works are conducted. Nearby the cow shelters there is an R and D centre and also a gobar gas plant which has all the facilities so that it can produce vermin compost. Here one can find a manufacturing centre where things are prepared which are based on cow urine and cow dung. At present, one can find at least 200 cows in the cow shelter of Keshav Srushti. All the cows are Indian breed and origin. On average, there are at least 40 to 45 cows which are on lactation throughout the year. As a result, they can produce at least 200 to 220 litres of milk on everyday basis. Here the main purpose is to protect the origin of cow and their herd from the butcher’s knife. They also want all the products based on cow urine and cow dung to be economically viable and to be popular in the market.

There is also a veterinary unit in the premise because many cows live here and they should be treated well and there should be proper medication if they fell ill. Apart from that, here one can find units of cosmetology, Ayurveda, and agriculture based on the organic manicure. Here people who work produce certain things which are mainly ayurvedic products and there are also some general things that are manufactured here like pest repellents and hoop sticks. Thus, place has achieved a lot of financial success in recent times as the products have become very popular.

Then there is the old age home where a lot of elderly people can take shelter. At present, number of nuclear families is increasing day by day and so most of the senior citizens land up in old age homes. Here one can find proper and special facilities on which old people can lead a peaceful and respectable life. There are proper caring systems as well.