8 Essential Tips For Luxury Property Buyers

Would it be fair to say that searching for and sealing the deal on a luxury property is a whole different ball game? Indeed, it would – you might even call it a glaring understatement. If, for example, you’re planning on pumping millions of pounds into a luxury property in London, there’s a fair deal more to take into account than were you just looking for a basic roof over your head. After all, investments really don’t come much bigger, more important or potentially more lucrative than this – suffice to say making the right moves from beginning to end is anything but optional.

So with all of the above in mind, here’s a quick look at the seven most essential tips of all for property buyers, fresh from the minds of the market’s leading luxury home gurus:

1 – Look Beyond Listings

First and foremost, never forget that the properties that come up for sale via standard listings often represent a small percentage of the luxury homes on offer. There are so many luxury property sellers these days who choose not to have their properties advertised in the normal way. So while a search engine query might help you find a few good properties, you might need to speak to a specialist agent to get a real flavour for what’s out there.

2 – Don’t Read Too Much Into Photos

When it comes to larger and more luxurious properties, exterior photographs viewed online or in brochures rarely do the place any justice at all. As such, it’s advisable not to count out any given property just because you’re not 100% convinced by the photographs – chances are it’ll be a different story in person.

3 – Team Up With the Pros

If you’re looking to net a luxury home in London, you’ll need the help of a luxury estate agent based in London. It’s not only a case of finding an agent that’s well-educated in the field of luxury property sales, but also one that knows and understands pretty much everything about the locality too. After all, just as is the case with most other kinds of residential property, location is pretty much everything…almost.

4 – Evaluate the Agents

Before getting knee-deep into any kind of deal, it’s important to carry out a little homework on the estate agent you plan to work with throughout the process. Chances are that if they’ve been doing what they do for long enough they will be able to provide you with enough information for you to accept their credibility.

5 – Think Ahead

Never make a final decision before carefully looking into what is likely to happen in a construction sense around the home itself going forward. For example, there may be a wonderful green space just across the road right now, but should this be bulldozed and turned into a petrol station, chances are your investment will plummet in value. Of course this won’t be the kind of information that’s easy to come across manually, which is why the assistance of a professional agent with plenty of experience can be pure gold.

6 – Check Out the Building

If the property you’re looking to buy is a condo or apartment of any kind, it’s crucial to remember that a thorough consideration of the building as a whole and its owner is just as important as looking into the specifics of the property itself.  Have a professional like Federal Way roofing help you look at the property and evaluate it. This may require the involvement of a legal professional or certainly a top-level estate agent with the willingness to delve as deep as necessary into the building’s history and status.

7 – Room for Manoeuvre

Last but not least, it’s often assumed that the majority of one-of-a-kind properties leave little to no wiggle room when it comes to the asking price. However, a good estate agent with the relevant experience will research other homes of a similar nature that have recently sold/been put up for sale in order to find comparable prices. Often in doing so, it’s possible to negotiate a better price on the property of your dreams and perhaps save a small fortune in the process.