5 Ways To Increase Your Employees’ Productivity

If you are a manager or even owner of an office-based business, employee productivity is probably something that is of vital importance to you. After all, the more productive that your employees are, the more productive your business is – meaning that there is more potential for profit, development and growth. However, many office-based businesses find that employee productivity is a factor that often experiences a serious lacking. If you are at your wits end and would like to discover some new and innovative ways to help your employees work more productively whilst still enjoying their job, read on as we’ve put together a list of great ideas that you might like to try.

Improved Communications

One of the main reasons for why many employees begin to lack in the area of productivity is bad standards of communication. If an employee does not have an effective way of communicating with management, colleagues, and even clients, they are much more likely to see a decline in their productivity levels. By improving the standard of communication in your office you will not only improve the experience for your clients, you will also provide your employees with a viable way to connect with, respond to, and share with others for a seamless experience all round. Communications systems such as avayaip telephones are a great way to free your employees from being tied exclusively to their desk and see what they can do when given the opportunity to really work together.

5 Ways To Increase Your Employees’ Productivity

Training and Promotion

Employers which implement training and development programs for their employees do tend to be the ones which enjoy the highest levels of employee productivity. Not only that, but giving employees the option to progress and develop within their chosen career will also extend employee lifetime, meaning that less of your employees will be tempted to look elsewhere for jobs that will offer them better development opportunities. Giving your employees the option to develop themselves and the opportunity to gain promotions will inspire them to work the best that they can and in turn they will be more productive.

5 Ways To Increase Your Employees’ Productivity

Rewards and Appreciation

Everybody likes to feel appreciated for the work that they do, and your employees are no exception to this. If your employees feel underappreciated or taken for granted this is a major factor in why levels of productivity may drop. Avoid this situation by making the effort to ensure that each and every one of your employees feel that they are valued and appreciated. There are a number of ways in which you can do this, from offering employee benefits, giving small token gifts, or even organising activities for employees to take part in both inside and outside of the workplace. However, perhaps the simplest method of showing appreciation that also goes along way is just saying thank you.


Another reason why many employees can become less productive in the workplace is because they do not feel that they are involved with much of the work that the company does. By allowing employees to get involved with the company and being open with them about information such as how the business makes profit, who the toughest competitors are, and which new product or services the business plans to introduce in the next year for example will enable your employees to feel more of a connection to the company which in turn will often inspire many employees to make more of an effort in their job and improve their productivity.

Decision Making

When it comes to improving productivity, it’s important that employees are allowed to make their own decisions whenever possible. Allowing your employees to make decisions for themselves will provide them with a sense of independence and control, and also help to boost their confidence which in turn increases levels of productivity. Often decisions are made regarding areas that affect employees’ work by people who are not involved in that department, which can have a detrimental effect on the attitude and behaviour of staff regarding productivity. Businesses should recognise that often the best people to make the decisions are the ones that it will affect the most. However, it’s also important to recognise that even the best employees will sometimes make the wrong decision, so you should always be prepared to lend a helping hand for decision making whenever needed.