5 Tactics To Develop Memory

5 Tactics To Develop Memory

The brain has been one of the bodies through time and different theories have evolved, one of the most important members by the heart as it is responsible for making decisions to move, feel, experience pain, recognize symbols besides all that, you can also build a language, have memory and particularly reasoning.

In the course of our lives who have unwanted improve memory ?, sometimes as simple as remembering a list of products to supermarket things we forget and as entrepreneurs should be organized to accomplish each task fully and go, that our memory will have a very important role.

The memory is described as the ability to retain and recall allows, through unconscious associative processes, feelings, impressions, ideas and concepts previously experienced, as well as all the information that has been consciously learned. So we give you five tactics to improve memory, to optimize your time as an entrepreneur, make the most of the time and also conducting sure these tips will improve your work and personal life.

Focus your Attention do not be Distracted

Listen to music, watch television, call your clients, check mails; etc. You cannot do everything at once, focus your attention in tasks that require more of your attention to try to memorize something, because distractions interrupt this task; that’s how your brain processes the information and encourage short-term memory, having the appropriate concentration will be higher and the stimulus forward the information to the long-term memory.

Establish Your Organization Information

Studies have shown that if you organize information by groups, keywords, colors or related topics will be much easier to recall the issues you have prepared in advance. When performing a market study, practice with some notes that will be instrumental to your memory, initial word will be using mnemonic techniques.

Gradually Increase the Intensity

To access the long-term memory, it must meet the process of being in first place in the short-term memory; so if you remember information for longer than a few hours or a few days, it is important to delve into the information; starts with the simple concept, then the broad definition, find some examples and repeat the process to strengthen memorization.

Remember and Visualize

By introducing new information, it is important that you associate and remember information you already have your memory with the related topic; also you will achieve a new technique without forgetting recall prior knowledge. Is also highlighted as another visualization technique since by can achieve a “produced” small, like diagrams, mind maps, concept maps, parallel to each other that evokes a memory.

Share with Others

To exchange knowledge with someone and pass on what they have learned, we will confirm that the whole process was not in vain, however that reinforced our memory; when knowledge is shared with someone, the understanding is enhanced, and that involves your family or someone from the company to listen to you.