5 Reliable Tips For Organizing A Group Road Trip

When it comes to a road trip you should decide first what kind of traveler you are. Just think and define whether you like traveling solo or together with your friends and relatives. There are a lot of decisions you have to make. And if a group traveling is an option for you this time, Rental24H.com can help you with the right transportation. You probably need a bigger car than a typical sedan or economy class. an 8-seater will be perfect, don’t you think so? Nevertheless, you need many more tools to organize a group trip than just using a car rental service. 

You can coordinate your trip by planning every step, including booking flights, hotels, renting a car, and pre-paying for the excursion. Do all that you can to enjoy the trip so that everyone can have fun and enjoy the friendly bonding time.

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How to organize a group road trip

  1. Make decisions together

When planning a trip for 5-10 people, it makes sense to make the most important decisions together. Just grab your family and friends in one place and try to decide where you want to go, what places to see. Decide your budget, comfort expectations. Don’t be afraid to ask and speak out so that everyone will know about big and small tasks very clearly. Here is a shortlist of decisions you should make all together:

  • Dates of your trip
  • Transportation
  • Travel budget
  • Place to live
  • Places to dine
  • Activities to visit
  1. Plan in advance

Try to plan most of your steps in advance. Thus, decide which car will be the best for you. Planning a girls’ getaway abroad, find out if it is possible to take your rental car out of state borders. Different people like different kinds of trips. If you like SPA, you can find some time for visiting local spas. Are you a nature lover? Mark a place where you can hike in the woods or walk along the beach. 

Of course, you can’t plan anything until you learn more information about a place you are going to visit. Remember that a group getaway depends on each member of your trip. So, give everyone a chance to speak out and join your efforts.

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  1. Pre-book everything that is possible to book beforehand

How much money are you going to spend on your road trip? Remember, you don’t have to pay for everything. As a rule, group trips are supposed to share the budget. You don’t want to refuse from visiting a museum or dining in your favorite restaurant because it is too expensive. Just go online and check the prices beforehand. Also, consider the fact that you can get group rates and they are cheap. Group rates can save some money for different attractions. This is how you can book a hotel, rent a car, and even book an excursion for a cheaper price.

Many hotels have special offers for group tourists. They offer to live in a block of rooms that come for a cheaper price. Is there any other option to save some money? Try to pre-book everything where it is possible. Have you already decided about the hotel you are going to live in or about a car to rent? If so, pre-book or even pre-pay online. This can cut the rates much more. It is super simple to pre-book dinner and avoid overpaying. By the way, group diner tours are very popular in big tourist cities.

  1. Plan some time for yourself

Do you feel like you are in charge? Even if you are really responsible for the group mood or environment don’t grab the biggest piece of a pie. Of course, you love your friends, but it is very important to listen to their interests and spend some time separately. Remember, you don’t have to spend a whole day together just because you are on a group vacation. Actually, everything depends on the location. Spending your vacation at a national park in nature, you can bike through the territory at the time when your friends will go to visit a museum or rent a boat. The choice is yours.



  1. Extra money

Have you planned your trip in a good way? That’s good! But don’t forget that you can’t predict everything. You just can’t know what to expect from a new territory, hotel room, a new restaurant. In other words, you are not responsible for everything that is happening with your group. But you have to be ready to have some extra food, an extra bag with medications, and extra money. 

This is your vacation and you want to make it comfortable for you and everyone in the group. It’s not about renting the right car or a good hotel room. It’s rather about communication and self-organization. Have a good trip!