4 Things to Add to Your Manufacturing Maintenance Checklist

Everything from workplace safety to productivity, customer service and overhead are linked to property maintenance. While it may seemingly be easier to wait for something to break before scheduling service, this can be a risky, expensive strategy when all factors are considered. Preparing and following a maintenance checklist is essential, and these are some of the many items that you may need to add to your checklist to ensure that it is as comprehensive as possible.

Chiller Maintenance Service

Your facility’s chiller must receive regular maintenance service for maximum operational efficiency. More than that, maintenance services may prevent unnecessary breakdowns and expensive repairs. In some facilities, damage to the chiller can result in costly operational interruptions and the loss of supplies or materials. Plan ahead for annual chiller service for the best results.

Annual HVAC System Service

Likewise, your facility’s HVAC system should receive regular attention. Ideally, the heating component will be serviced before cool weather sets in, and the air conditioner will receive maintenance service before you turn it on for the first time each year. These specialized services can erase signs of wear and tear, promote energy efficiency and eliminate stressful breakdowns that require prompt repair services.

Annual Roof Inspection

Your facility’s roof bears the brunt force of brutal weather conditions on a daily basis. Everything from heavy rains and strong winds to UV rays, heat, ice and more will take a toll on the roof’s condition. A regular roof inspection can identify developing or minor issues before develop into serious damages. A quality roof promotes energy efficiency, prevents pest infestations and offers other substantial benefits. In addition to scheduling an annual inspection, book follow-up inspections after each severe weather event.

Emergency Preparedness

Emergency preparedness is another vital component of property maintenance. Depending on your facility’s features and the activities completed on-site, review all entry and exit points. Ensure that they are well-marked, free of obstacles and properly illuminated. Verify that your backup generator is operational. Confirm that your facility continues to be prepared for natural disasters, chemical exposure incidents and other issues that may be likely on your property.

While you can find generic property maintenance checklists online, understand that your property may have unique needs. You may use a checklist template as a starting point, and ensure that all of these items are included on it. Then, analyze your property’s specific features to further customize your checklist based on your unique needs.