4 Home Decorating Trends In 2018

4 Home Decorating Trends In 2018

It’s remarkable how our state of mind is so influenced by our surroundings, be it our home or our office. Most of the time we actually underestimate the impact these environments have on us so we seldom forget to upgrade them altogether. To this end, whenever we choose to redecorate our home we do not only feel better and more serene, but we may also obtain better prices if we choose to rent it out or sell it. However, each new year brings new decorating trends that each have their distinctive elements. To this end, below you will find a list of the most popular home decorating trends in 2018:

Warm neutrals are making a come back

It’s been sometime now since cool tones have ruled interior design – now it’s time for warm neutrals to gain back some rightful ground. In 2018, we should expect seeing more caramel browns, warm reds and generally moodier tones. These can be seen both on walls and in decorations. Sprinkle your home with smaller items that have moodier shades, such as curtains and pillows, rugs and picture frames. Balance it all off with lighter neutrals and you’re bound to have a super trendy home!

Floors with a personality

We were all used to seeing statement walls everywhere in 2017, but the trends has shifted a bit. 2018 will be all about statement floors that add personality to an otherwise ordinary home. We are talking anything from light geometric tiles to herringbone hardwood. It is well-known that changing your flooring can be pretty expensive, so it’s best to choose cautiously and look for the best deal on the web. If you’d like, you can even choose something that pops for your bathroom, leaving other bigger statements to be made later on into the year.

Floral prints

Remember the floral trends that were so ubiquitous some decades ago? Well, they are making a comeback and they might even be here to stay. In 2018, you can add a floral note to your home by choosing floral throw pillows, drapes and furniture tapestries. As long as you don’t go overboard and keep the floral infusion to a decent minimum, balanced with sane neutrals, you’re bound to have an enviable home.

Texture is still king

The transition from 2017 to 2018 went on smoothly, without leaving behind the strong affinity for textures. That’s right, your home will become a playground that will allow you to play and experiment with all sorts of textures. Get a handmade feel by choosing wicker or rattan when it comes to furniture elements or decorate your home with funky textiles – ones that have applique details and all sorts of other embellishments that you can actually feel when you touch them. Don’t underestimate what textures can do for your home – you can never go wrong with them!

When it comes to accessorizing your home, it’s actually fun to keep with the ever-changing trends. It gives you the opportunity both to not get bored and stay on top of the game, by having a truly magazine-worthy home!