4 Cutting Edge Technologies To Speed Up Your Sites

The technology on the internet is changing every day. While many people may not perceive the number of changes new technology is making, for those who are experienced in web design, graphic design, and web development the number of new programs available to help speed up sites is considerable. All too often such new technology does not get used when it comes out. This is why those who take advantage of the new cutting edge technologies will have a real advantage.

Web Development

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This is a new compression algorithm that is part of Google and basically works to reduce the overall size of the data that is being transported. Indications are that this new program offers around 25% better compression than the leading competitor which means that you can save about 40% of your overall traffic on HTML files and about 25% on Javascript and CSS.

Currently, Brotli is supported by Firefox and Chrome, but there is little doubt that others will follow. Only major servers like Apache, Node, and Nginx require a package installation.

Content Delivery Network

Also called CDN, this is a set of servers located around the world that copy the content of your site so that when accessed from any point on the planet the loading time will be greatly reduced. This not only increases the speed, but the reliability of your site as your content is spread out to a number of different servers. This makes loading your website around 50% faster on average and often even more.


This version of HTTP/2 has been available for about a year and the difference it makes is quite remarkable. The biggest improvement is the ability to handle several requests all in one connections. For those who specialize in web design or web development, this is a very handy feature to have as older techniques like Data URIs and sprites are no longer effective.

Now, several images can be loaded at the same time, headers are compressed, and this version is binary which means that overall performance is boosted by around 50%. You will need an SSL certificate in order to use HTTP/2 and to administer your own server. However, it can be worth it thanks to the increase in performance.

SSL Certificate

Speaking of HTTP/2 and its requirement for this type of certificate, it ensures encryption between the client and the server. The good news is that getting this type of certificate is fairly easy and free in most cases if you use the right resource such as “Let’s Encrypt”. This will let you eliminate all manual processes in getting the certificate and will take just a few moments.

Web Design Services

Overall, you can use the services of the best web design London/UK company to help you in speeding up your sites for maximum performance. This will provide an edge over the competition and allow you to take advantage of the latest technology.