4 Careers that Integrate Technology and Creativity

Have you ever felt like you’re better than the job you have? Do ever dread going to work but keep your job because it pays well? Has anyone ever told you that hating work is just part of life? If this is how you feel it is definitely time for a change in careers. There is no reason that you shouldn’t have a well-paying career than you love.
Four Careers that Integrate Technology and CreativityIf you are good with computers and pride yourself in your creative and problem solving skills, you might want to think about changing careers. In an increasingly technology-centered world, there are countless opportunities for people who are technologically savvy and creative thinkers. You don’t have to work in a career you hate to make good money, check out these four well-paying jobs that combine your creative skills and technological abilities.

Information Architect

Bet you didn’t know there were architects for information or even what that exactly means. Believe it or not, landing a job as an information architect would mean you could earn up to $116,000.00 annually. If you’re good at organizing and labeling things, think structurally, and know how to utilize language.
Information architects analyze the interaction between needs of a website’s audience, a website’s content, and the context of the site. With this information they help design content that will optimize the website’s user-friendly experience. This could be anything from the way a clothing company organizes their products, to the way a business site presents their content.

Mobile Application Developer

Before you go writing off mobile app development as a job only technical nerds can pursue, you should know there’s tons of free materials and tools to help even the most clueless novice develop web apps. Though app development is something just about anyone can do, it takes a great deal of experience and experience to succeed in this field.
If you’ve had experience with designing apps in your spare time, then a career in app development might be a fun and rewarding path to choose. With the mobile world at the forefront of technology, phone and computer companies are always looking for the next talented developers to create applications for their smartphones, tablets, and other mobile devices.

Interactive Creative Director

If you enjoy managing groups of people and do well at picking out what certain individuals have to offer you should look into what it takes to become an interactive creative director. Like all of the previously mentioned careers, you definitely have to be willing to work your way from the bottom to the top for this position.
As a creative director you would lead teams composed of specialists who piece together visuals and concepts to optimize the virtual user experience. You could work for a specific company or contract your expertise to a wider range of businesses. If you’re a really good mobile application development, you could make up to $150,000.00 a year.
If none of these careers sounds interesting, do some job research on your own. Write a list of the things you want and do not want in a job and start your search. If you don’t know where to get started, you might consider going to the local community college to see what kind of career resources they offer and how they can help you on the job search.
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