3 Types Of Machinery That Can Save Your Business Time and Money

3 Types Of Machinery That Can Save Your Business Time and Money

When involved in manufacturing products or performing major construction, companies need to use a variety of different types of machinery. Often machinery is purchased to replace the need to hire a lot of human labor to perform tasks. These tasks could be anything from high volume, repetitive activity to heavy lifting.

3 Types Of Machinery That Can Save Your Business Time and Money

Not only are machines able to do the work of many humans at a lower cost, but they are also able to do that work much faster. The following are three different types of machines that companies use to save both time and money when carrying out daily operations.

Conveyor Belts

Moving items is a central part of many business operations. When it comes to moving things along from one part of the production line to the next, a conveyor belt makes it possible to do the work of many humans at a fraction of the cost. In the past, it was required for workers to carry or use some type of cart to pull items around.

This was cost prohibitive because in a lot of situations materials had to be moved in large quantities quickly before they degraded or became contaminated. If a company was not careful, this means that the loss of materials was an additional expense that could get out of hand.

Conveyor belts are possible to set to a specific rate of movement to ensure materials get where they need to be in a timely manner to avoid such problems from occurring.

Types of Conveyor Belting Systems

Since conveyor belts are so central to the ebb and flow of manufacturing, conveyor belting systems are found in most major manufacturing operations today. Conveyor belting systems tend to either be classified as general material handling or bulk material handling.

General material handling style conveyor belting systems are typically used in indoor operations where moving small amounts of materials at a time is common. Bulk material conveyor belting systems, on the other hand, are required for outdoor industrial and agricultural purposes. Businesses who use this latter type of conveyor belting systems tend to have to move bulk sized quantities of materials or fresh produce.

Compiling Ingredients

Many businesses are involved in manufacturing food products. One thing that must be taken into consideration is the precise measurements of the ingredients being used in tightly controlled recipes for the manufacturing of processed foods. Precise measurements are critical for ensuring that the taste of processed foods remains consistent from one packaged product to the next.

Precise measurements of ingredients are also critical for not wasting ingredients; thus, helping to keep ingredient costs low so that mismeasured ingredients do not eat into profits. While it is possible for companies to hire people to make precise measurements, this approach to food manufacturing is both slow, tedious and cost prohibitive.

A powder feeder, for example, is a useful piece of machinery for making certain that exact amounts of dry ingredients are used in each product manufactured.

Construction Machinery

When it comes to companies operating in the construction industry, buying machinery will typically work out to be a huge savings over the long term. While many small operations are forced to hire out operations to other companies that have already invested in heavy machinery, this constant reliance on paying another company to do the heavy lifting starts to add up.

This is particularly true in cases where a construction company is paying by the day for heavy machinery use over a long project time frame.


When it comes to saving time and money, nearly every business could stand to invest in some type of machinery that will help to achieve these two primary business goals. Whether it is machinery to speed up a production line or machinery required to do large outdoor work on a construction site, it is inevitable that such machinery will be expensive initially.

While the cost of investing in these types of equipment may seem like a huge payout up front, many of these machines will tend to pay for themselves in the months or years to come and will eliminate the need to outsource critical business operations to third-party providers.