3 Interview Questions For Hiring Great Customer Service Reps

Unlike several other jobs, interviews for customer service representatives are focused more around behavioral analysis. In this particular arena, it is important to note one point and that is the interviewer will usually be focused on testing the patience level of the applicant, empathy, communication skills, and ability to deal with people.

Customer service departments analyse retention rates and it is very much essential for HR teams and business owners to make sure that the call centres or customer service departments are staffed with representatives of highest calibre.

Some of the interview questions are designed for customer service reps to understand customer service role in organization. Few are designed to target special scenarios, which even experienced customer service reps find tricky to answer.

3 Interview Questions For Hiring Great Customer Service Reps

Here are some Non-exhaustive Questions that the Interviewer is likely to ask the Applicant about the Roles based on Customer Service.

1) Tell me about your Dedication Towards Helping the Customer

It is one of the common questions that employers ask. And, they expect the applicants to narrate their experience summary and explain how they handle customers in tough conditions. Experience summary includes explaining your capability of dealing with unhappy customers and helping them solve their issues in a diplomatic way. By answering the customer queries in a successful way, the interviewer confirms that the applicant is pretty strong in logical reasoning and dealing with irate customers.

2) How to Deal with an unhappy or annoyed Customer

In customer service role, you may repeatedly come across irate customers every now and then. Dealing with angry customers is not a cake-walk for customer service representatives. During the interview, the interviewer needs the right kind of answer from your side and he will analyse your patience level too.

In this particular job role, patience is one of the most prized commodities. People, who lose their cool too soon, won’t really survive in customer service industry for longer duration.

3 Interview Questions For Hiring Great Customer Service Reps

Whenever you come across this question, you should be able to show a glimpse of your patience in front of the interviewer and convince him that you can deal with all the irate customers in this world!

3) How Do Your Prioritize Your Daily Schedules and Customer Complaints?

Here, the interviewer expects the applicant to be good in managing time. Customer service role is pretty busy and the job role of the service representative is fast-paced. Time management is the key role here to manage customer requests and daily schedules.

Dealing with Overstress

In the customer service role, there may be a bad day for you when there will be number of requests from different customers. It is left to employees to take the request and resolve them duly. The interviewer analyses the answers received from job-seekers and looks into sense of time management from the applicant.

On the Whole

Finally, to make the judgement, the hiring manager attempts to listen to applicant’s answers and assess his/her interpersonal skills, and ability to stay calm in tense situations.

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