2 Cloud Solutions For Freelancers

They say stepping in the world of freelancing is a person’s first step towards entrepreneurship and ending drudgery. The saying “Time is money” doesn’t suffice when it comes to the work of a freelancer. As a freelancer irrespective of your field of expertise, you have to be familiar with technological tools that can assist in getting the job done on allocated time lines and with finesse. Cloud hosted SharePoint and hosted virtual desktop are two such tools which should be in the arsenal of every freelancer.

Key SharePoint benefits for a Freelancer

Salient SharePoint benefits that a freelancer can use to increase productivity and save time are as follows:

  • Organize, Share and collaborate more efficiently
  • Security and integrity
  • Keep everyone up to speed

Organize, Share and Collaborate More Efficiently

As an accomplished freelancer you have to deal with and undertake different projects. This means dealing with different people who hire your services and waiting for your output.

This asks for something more elaborate than simply emailing your hirer about your progress or asking questions regarding some ambiguity you are facing which in turn requires lengthy details to be provided by the employer. Setting up a workspace with the help of cloud based SharePoint is a one stop solution and an answer to all of the above issues. A freelancer can create separate workspaces for different undertaken projects. These workspaces allow calendar coordination for those mutual time lines and deadlines, organization of documents and collaboration on them and lastly notifications which can be configured to convey important alerts and updates regarding projects.

Security and Integrity

Security and integrity of information and data related to a project are of utmost value to both the freelancer and the customer. Cloud based SharePoint ensures not only these two aspects but also provides unparalleled and flawless management of documents. Item level security can be configured for each crucial document with permissions that specify the amount of control a user has on a specific document. To enforce integrity of these documents, SharePoint provides ability to view revisions and utility to restore a document to its previous version. All the documents have to be checked out before editing, a step which further preserves the entirety of the content.

Keep everyone up to speed

Keeping your hirer updated about the progress of work is made easy by enhanced SharePoint interface which includes views and menus. For example, if a buyer has ordered multiple jobs, the freelancer can rest easy that SharePoint will provide easy navigation among different sites and workspaces for the hirer where they can view the progress of the project themselves. Visit https://www.cloudappsportal.com to find cloud based SharePoint solutions for any profession. Need a SharePoint Site configured to support your freelance assignments? Cloud Apps Portal will configure one according to your requirements.

How Hosted Virtual Desktop can benefit a Freelancer

As a freelancer, it isn’t uncommon to deal with multiple projects of totally different nature. These projects can have totally separate requirements and could warrant entirely separate operating environments. One way to accommodate these requirements is to opt for a highly configured computer that is powerful enough for the task, but it can prove too costly and sometimes even having an optimized machine “won’t cut it” as they say. The easiest way out of this conundrum is availing a hosted virtual desktop service.

By availing this service, a freelancer can configure multiple virtual instances of desktops each catering to a different project and having different applications and software for it. All the applications and software will reside on a remote server, thereby circumventing the need for a highly configured and powerful computer. A freelancer doesn’t have to worry about slow performance of not having enough computational power or enough storage space as the server takes care of it. Furthermore, availing a hosted virtual desktop also provides mobility. A freelancer can access the virtual desktop from any mobile device like a cell-phone or a tablet, all that’s required is the internet connection. Visit https://www.cloudappsportal.com to get your own virtual desktop hosting.