1848 Capital Partners – Facilitating Growth Of Businesses

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Regardless of whether it is a start up or a business entity that has been operating for years in any sector, once in a while every business house needs a catalyst that can help it to rise to its zenith and this is what 1848 Capital Partners does. This holds true especially when the economies around the globe is striving hard not to derail from its tracks. So, 1848 Capital as it is known in short to everyone in the corporate world has played significant role in helping many businesses to revive and survive. For instance, the acquisition of JSSI is one such classical example.

Basically, this company is a private equity firm and is located in Miami Florida. 1848 Capital Partners LLC operates as a Foreign Limited Liability company and its registration has been recorded with the Florida Department of State. Although it is a Foreign Limited Liability company, it means that it is registered outside its home state. For any company there has to be a registered agent and in this case the agent working for this company is Nrai Services, Inc. Its main role is to take care of the notifications that it receives pertaining to legal issues that the company faces. Also, it addresses legal court summons and other lawsuits.

Behind the success of every company there are individuals that act as the driving force and act as saviors for the company on several instances. In this regard, it may be mentioned here that the 2 key individuals taking care of the company and addressing issues include David Neithard, who is serving as the Managing Member. The other important person to be associated with the company is the well known Joseph Dagrosa. He too is serving as the Managing Member. Owing to his strong and influential corporate connections, he has been able to draw up several strategies for this company that has yielded excellent results for 1848 Capital Partners LLC. Some of the big names with which he remains associated include the likes of Pitcairn Aviation LLC and Penguin Partners Management LLC. In the past, he was associated with a number of well known corporate identities like Park Hill Holdings LLC and Park Hill Friends & Family II LLC.

Being an investment firm, it is important to all corporate establishments that it deals with. They function as investment managers and if they find that a particular company is worth investing in, it promptly does so provided the company is still functional and active. It makes the investment keeping in mind the requisites of the company that it is investing in. It works out several business strategies and caters to capital growth, venture capital, and leveraged buyout.

It has been instrumental in several acquisitions and one such instance is when it acquired JSSI or Jet Support Services, Inc that was acquired by this company with the other acquiring company, which is also into the work of “financial sponsorship” and that is R.H Book LLC. Both these companies are private equity fund companies operating in the corporate investment sector.