10 Amenities That Will Impress Your Guests: Tips For First-Time Airbnb Hosts

Airbnb works because the community is dedicated to making it work. This is done through reviews. Hosts can leave reviews for guests, and guests can leave reviews for hosts. It’s important that a host has great reviews since it will impact their cash flow. Hosts with bad reviews can see a significant drop in their bookings. It helps to have great amenities to offer your guests as well as services often seen in hotels. Making guests feel welcome can be something as small as giving them space in the shower for their items.

Wi-Fi Connections

One of the most important amenities for Airbnb guests is the wi-fi connection. Provide a password for guests, so they can enjoy their devices while in your home. You can include it in a welcome packet that gives them other information like how to work the disposal and how to find that tricky light switch in the bathroom.

Clean Rooms

Some of the biggest complaints hosts get during their reviews was the cleanliness of the space. No guest wants to show up to stay in someone else’s dirt and dust. According to this study, guests believe that Airbnb hosts should hire a professional cleaning service to get the best clean possible.

10 Amenities That Will Impress Your Guests: Tips For First-Time Airbnb Hosts

Free Parking

There are many hotels that charge for parking, so if you can offer free on-site parking to your guests, you’ll see some great reviews. When communicating with your guests, find out if they’ll need parking. That could be the best way to offer amenities that they’ll appreciate.

Extra Towels

There aren’t many people who travel with their own towels. If you have a location near the beach, extra beach towels can be a great way to treat your guests to something special. You can wash them daily or weekly if you like depending on the length of the guest’s stay in your home.

Fresh Linens

While you should always have fresh linens on the bed, you should have a linen closet with extra supplies in case they’re needed. Change the linens after each guest has left whether they were there for a day or a week. If you have guests staying for an extended period of time, you can decide if you’ll change their linens or provide linens for them to change themselves.

Professional Pictures

Airbnb offers free professional pictures for hosts. All you have to do is contact the site, and they’ll contact a professional photographer who will be in your area to snap some great pictures of your space. When guests can see the beauty of your home, that can help with your bookings.

10 Amenities That Will Impress Your Guests: Tips For First-Time Airbnb Hosts

Information about the Area

Along with the Wi-Fi password, you can include information about the area for guests who aren’t local. Travelers always appreciate recommendations from locals as to where they can get great food, and where they can enjoy some terrific music. If there are events in the area, make sure you let your guests know about them.

Plug Extenders and Universal USB Chargers

If you only have one outlet in the bedroom you’re renting out on Airbnb, you can add plug extenders with USB chargers. It’ll give guests a way to charge their phones, tablets and laptops while staying in your home.

Extra Toiletries

You can pick up a few travel-size shampoos, conditioners, soaps and razors for guests. They might have traveled there by plane and not been able to bring their own full-size toiletries. They’ll appreciate these little considerations.

Guest Shelves

If you’re sharing with your Airbnb guest, you can allocate shelf space in the refrigerator for your guest. Budget-conscious guests will appreciate the ability to buy food and drinks to store in the home.

10 Amenities That Will Impress Your Guests: Tips For First-Time Airbnb Hosts
With amenities and simple additions to your listing, you can become a top host on Airbnb, and the guests will flock to your location frequently. When guests travel, they want a budget-friendly place with hotel-like amenities that will make their stay special.