Will The Cloud Become A Dominant Enterprise Tool?

Will The Cloud Become A Dominant Enterprise Tool?

As businesses become more familiar with cloud technology, many companies are moving towards enterprise cloud solutions. Enterprise cloud solutions offer a comprehensive set of benefits for a company, and it seems as though many companies are finding these benefits very compelling. The great majority of companies that are using cloud technology expect to increase their cloud technology budgets and the cloud computing market overall is growing at a staggering rate.

What are the benefits of the Cloud for Enterprises?

The enterprise cloud offers scalable resources such as storage and processing speed. Enterprises can grow their cloud platform to suit them, making the enterprise cloud an extremely cost-effective solution overall. The enterprise cloud also offers elastic resources, which can be very beneficial to a company that needs a reliable enterprise system and experiences strong fluctuations in activity. Finally, storage is one of the most compelling reasons many companies move to an enterprise cloud solution. Companies today collect more structured and unstructured data than ever before, and all of this data can be safely stored in the cloud.

Will The Cloud Become A Dominant Enterprise Tool?

How will the Cloud evolve in the Future?

Many believe that the hybrid solution involving both public and private clouds will become the dominant form of cloud platform. Companies will need to plan ahead for this development. Already, most companies that are taking advantage of the cloud are using this type of hybrid enterprise cloud. The cloud is expected to gradually take on more computing and more storage, and projections indicate that the cloud will continue to grow as an overall enterprise solution.

Presently, the hybrid enterprise cloud allows a private and public cloud system to work in tandem and fully replicate a traditional enterprise network. In the future, this bridge between private and public cloud will likely become more streamlined and may even enter the consumer market.

Will the Cloud become more Popular?

All forms of cloud computing are expected to continue growing in popularity. While similar, the enterprise cloud simply offers many benefits that a traditional company network cannot compete with. The enterprise cloud even provides solutions for some traditional IT problems, such as mobile device management.

Twenty percent of all enterprise companies are already intending to use the cloud. The only area in which a traditional network has been seen to exceed an enterprise cloud solution is in the area of security, and security on the cloud can be managed in a variety of ways. With the incredible benefits that the cloud platform offers, it’s very likely that it will continue to grow and that it will eventually become the dominant tool of enterprise companies.